Thursday, May 30, 2013

Look of the day ... sYs, Energie, EB Atelier, Madrid Sola, Dura and Posesion

Sys design participated in mens fashion week in two shows. And i was glad that i could work with the design brought by two talented designers. If you want to look different, special and want to stand out ... this is one look to go for.

Outfit :
Jacket - [sYs] HOTH Coat (M) - black
Bodysuit - [sYs] ORION bodysuit
Chin jewel - [sYs] DEUS - chin jewel
Belt - [sYs] ALCANE - belt M (white)
shoes - Energie - Pink High Jumpers
socks - EB Atelier -Mesh_Socks Top Left - Dark Grey
make up - Madrid Solo- Male Designs- Nanography
hair - Dura -  **Dura-Emo**04(Pink x Black)
Pose :*PosESioN*-*PosESioN* Simple Woman 1

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DOT-BE Fashion - new Gown Gemma

Oh yes finaly the gowns are in store and what for gowns ...     10 different colours and designs. Everyone knows that the Miss Mundo finals, Mister virtual world finals and Colour of couture finals are coming up and who doesn't want to look stunning when going to such an event? Or who doesn't want to go dancing with her partner and look great? These mesh gowns are just elegant in every way. Get them now in the store and ... if you buy them with your dot-be fashion groupstag on, you get 10% storecredit!
Get them now ... Dot-Be Fashion

Photographer Kathrin Dassin

Look of the day ... Evolve, Clef de peau, Posesion

Its sleeping time ... after my hot shower i jumped into the Reignology coat from EVOLVE for a relaxing night. For those that wonder why i look so different, for mens fashion week Clef de peau released this shape and skin called simon. 

Outfit : Evole - Reignology Green coat / green beanie
skin + shape : Clef de peau : Simon shaved + Simon shape
pose : Posesion mister 10

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Look of the day ... Flow

With the summer season coming, flow brought out some new swimming trunks. And i can tell you ... guys you will look hot in them and they are available in different colours.

Flow : flow . Asto Remy Swimming Trunks 70's - 10

Monday, May 27, 2013

Look of the day ...Diesel Works, Birth, Innuendo, Miss C/Mr C and DSD Bags

For mens fashion week i walked for several designers. One of them was Innuendo style and Mr C. Innuendo is releasing there summer collection soon and will be having a fashion show with AIM agency in june. So keep all posted on the great designs. if you are looking for a little piece of Belgium in secondlife, visit the Brussels grand place ... lots of things to do there.

Pose : Diesel works - Diesel works Turk 2
Skin : *BIRTH* Vince Skin (darktone) - Poseidon
Outfit : Innuendo - *Roby* By Innuendo Italian style (Shoes - mesh pants - mesh jacket - shirt - sunglasses)
Hair : Mr C - Mr. C / Wild
Briefcase : DSD Bags - Briefcase (Black)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-Be Martino

The New Male outfit Martino is in store. You will have the choise between 4 different pants textures and with each pants comes a mesh blazer with shirt. That shirt texture you can change into 7 different designs with a Hud. You can find the new outfit at the men's department of the store. If you are looking for that different look that is special and makes you stand out. The Martino outfit is something for you.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Look of the day .. Delirium and Del may

If you are looking for a sports look this outfit from deliriumstyle gives you just that look. Combine it with any sneakers and go and play ball !

Pose : Del May - Dm never
Outfit : Delirium style - D-Style - Matz
(hat - hoodie - mesh pants - sweater black shear)
Shoes : Delirium style  - D-style - Michael

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Look of the day .... Chronokit, Pumpkin, Rfyre, Wasabi, Fusion MOH

For my look of the day today, i did choose one of my favorit outfits. This jacket from Chronokit is the new release. The star texture makes this jacket stand out. I paired it with the white pumpkin sweat pants and the rfyre absolom bikerboots.

Jacket : Chronokit - fabre jacket star black
Pants : Pumpkin - Pumpkin sweat pants
shoes : Rfyre - Rfyre Absolom Mens short biker
Hair : Wasabi - Orion mesh
necklace : Fusion - Rebel necklace MOH

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New look of the day .... Motivaction dress shirts

Motivaction brings out the new dress shirts and if you buy the fatpack, just look how many options you have with the shirts. You can not only change the texture of your shirt but also the sleeves and even the buttons. I paired them with the new pants of dot-be that will be in store soon.

Dress shirt : Motivaction - [M] Mens Dress Shirt *FATPACK*

Monday, May 13, 2013

Look of the day ... Chronokit, Aitui, Indi designs, Chronokit, Posesion

I so love this look. You might think wow not black for a change and then i have to say yes no black. These sarrouel pants from chronokit are definatly my favorit ones. I combined them with the frontlines officer jacket and completed the look with these grey shoes from INDI designs. Dare to be different and yes use some colour.

pants : Chronokit -  *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants StripedC
vest : AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Frontlines /Officer
shoes : INDI Designs - O'Leary grey
hair : { Quandary } Killian - Black&White
Pose : Posesion : hunter 9

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Look of the day ...chronokit, moose, the muse poses, wasabi, MOH, Jeepers

New releases everywhere ... the new pants from chronokit can be find now in the store and its available in 3 different sizes - long skinny like the one on the picture, bootcut lenght and baggy. And well you will find it in all kinds of colours, you can combine them with the new mesh shirt from moose and the connery shoes from jeepers. A perfect look for a perfect day walking in the parc.  I decided to finesh the look with the new release from Wasabi and after i went hunting for the MOH i found this very cool sunglasses from Kumaki. Are u ready for a walk in the sun? 

pants : *chronokit* - *chronokit* Painter Sarouel Pants Check Blue 
shirt : Moose :: Moose Vintage TShirt :: Music
shoes : Jeepers - Connery - Maroon 
glasses : Kumaki- K-gs King Replica - MOH3
Hair : Wasabi Pills -  Erik Mesh Hair 
pose / the muse pose -  erik 4

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Look of the day ... Delirium style, Wasabi, HOD, Fusion, Beefcake

Delirium Style brings lots of new stuff out. Today im showing the Michael outfit. If you are looking for an urban look, here is your chance. 

Outfit : Delirium style : DS Michael :  Pants - hoodie - suspenders - sneakers

Hair : Wasabi pills Teeloh
Earrings - HOD : Dragon spiral
Tattoo : Beefcake - Kanji "Luck" Tattoo
Necklace : Fusion - cord cross multi necklace -

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-Be Fashion

The new Male outfit Baldassare is in store. It comes in 2 different styles. Kaki colour and grey. Mesh hoodie and mesh skinny pants. These outfits were created for mens's fashion week and Milan Fashion week and now available in store.

You want to look different? You want to look special? this army look is completly the style of 2013 !!  

Dot-be baldassare

Look of the day ... Go Moondance, unzipped, posesion

Oh yeah i feel like im lord Dracula with the new release of Go!. I combined the mesh top with the unzipped release. If you like to get that victorian look and want to join the darkside or just want to look different and special ... this is the look you want. The diamond stilletto nails were specially created for me by Moondance Boutique and will be in store very soon, contact Kathrin Dassin.

Outfit :

Top : !gO! Mr. Dracula - 5 
Pants + boots - .:Unzipped:. Victorian Cotillion Male Purple
Nails : Moondance Boutique - Diamond Stilletto
Pose : Posesion - Aries 3

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Look of the day ... Motivaction, MOH3, Legal insanity, phoebe piercing, mrc

If you want a outfit to go rock the place, this combination is just perfect. With the free jacket from Motivaction combined with the new releases from legal insanity, Phoebe piercing and MR C. Rock the place and dress up !

Pants : Legal Insanity - hefunky pants black 
jacket : Motivaction - slim jacket "Bad attitude" - Men Only Hunt (FREE)
Hair : Mr. C / Titoso 
necklace : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Passion Jewelry Set ~Black-Red~ (P.MESH) 
Boots : J's Studded Long boots (Black)
make up : Madrid Solo - Accent- The Golds Limited Edition 7 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Look of the day ... Violator, L&B, Madesigns, Posesion

A new day a new look. One day i went wondering around all the sims and i went to one shop of the grid that is having special creations.. Violator. I did fell in love with outfit nadir and made the perfect look with posesion jewels, madesign hair and L&B Ankle boots. Another look for the daring people out there.

outfit : Violator -Nadir-Black Silver-by Soraya Vaher
boots : .:L&B:. "Couture " Croc Ankle Boot Set :Brushed bl
hair : MADesigns HAIR ~ TIA ~ Silver Tones - 
hairbase : MADesigns HAIRbase ~ DOTTED - 
jewels and pose : *PosESioN* Wicca Set Black - Sagitatio 9

Look of the day ...Delirium style, posesion in TRPH4, twishee

Delirium style brings out another new outfit called kenneth. It comes in black, blue, brown, grey and purple ... blazer, beanie, shoes, bracelts and the famous skinny pants are al included. 

outfit : D-Style - Kenneth Black
necklace : *TWISHEE* MUDRA- BLACK (Boxed) - jewels !!  (1L)
pose : Posesion TRPH - andromeda 5 (free)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jewels of the day ... Posesion

Posesion is know for his poses, but there is so much more talent in dahriel then we know. He can not only sing, make poses but also makes great jewels. This set is called the Wicca set and is available in black, blue, gold, pink, red, silver and violet ... If you are looking for a new look this is it !!

hair : MADesigns HAIR ~ TIA ~ Silver Tones -
hairbase : MADesigns HAIRbase ~ DOTTED -
jewels : *PosESioN* Wicca Set Black

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hunting time ... TRPH4 and more - post 3

Okay, where are the paparazzi out there? Did you read this right? hahah guess you did read it all wrong. Once i got a comment on a rehearsel .. wished i had this shirt on back then lmao. Moose designs make sure you got the right shirts for the right occasions. Guys get your eyeliners out, well like everyone knows im a big fan of guyliner and Mock just trows one in the runway perfect hunt. Xen hats keeps your head cool from the sun ... run guys run ...

hat : Xen's hats - Xen's Hats Autry Blue TRPH4
Eyeliner : [mock] - guyliner 2k - TRPH4
Shirt : ::Moose:: Loose T Shirt Black Wrong

Look of the day ... finesmith, 22769, nuuna, countdown, eXxEsS, Posesion

Everyone that knows me, knows i like to dress etchy and special. Let me tell you with this look you certainly are a eyecatcher. This outfit created for fantasy fair from 22769 i just love. Its also available in green, purple, red and ofcourse my favorite colour black ! The new release from finesmith just matches perfect. Yes guys try to take a chance, make yourself noticed out there !!

Jewels : Finesmith -  finesmith maniko
outfit :  22769 ~ [homme] FF Brocade Leather Coat and Pants Fatpack (fantasy fair)
make up : Nuuna -  +Nuuna+ tattoo  makeups v8 v5
shoes : Countdown - Countdown.Viva La Vida (Male Size)
hair : eXxEsS Mesh Hair : PERUN Black Pack
Pose : posesion - Tauro 5 

Hunting time ... TRPH 4

Spring is here, summer is about to come ... Miss Darcy is also in the runway perfect hunt and how. This mesh shirt and bermunda is just for grabs. Are u looking for that summer feeling? Find the hunt item and get also 2 poses for male and female included in the gift.

outfit : Miss Darcy TRPH 4 - Femme & Homme
Pose :  MsD TRPH4 M  (included in the item)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hunting time ... TRPH4 and MOH post 2

Oh yes its hunting time again. The runway perfect hunt just started together with the MOH. Two hunts where everyone can get some great stuff. Like you all can see Elysium is bringing new speedo's out, just keep in mind that you need to adjust your package to 50 to get a perfect look. The nails from moondance boutique for men is just one of the few nails designers that brings male nails in 3D and the creator Kathrin Dassin got more to come. Phoebe always joins hunts, sales and more and her designs are original.

Outfit : Elysium - TRPH beltspeedo (Male)
Nails : Moondance Boutique - TRPH Moondance Boutique Square Male Garnet Mirror 3d
Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Unisex Face Piercing ~9 Metals/9 Colors~ MOH3 Gift
Pose : posesion Andromedia TRPH (5 different poses)

Look of the day ... Ds Vendetta, Mr C

One of my favorit looks so far from Delirium Style is this outfit, Vendetta. It makes you look so though and at the same time different then all the rest that is around you. This is a very complete look that i also used in BOSL magazine. What you don't see at the picture is that at the back of the jacket the word REBEL is spread out. As you all know my favorit colour is black and well this is just completly me. Im wearing also the new hair release for mens fashionweek from Mr C. You want a complete look? Look no further.

Outfit : Delirium Style - DS Vendetta (boots, mesh pants, mesh jacket, face paint)
Hair : Mr. C / Titoso 
Pose : Posesion - Leo 8

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Look of the day ... Eclipse and more ...

As model for mens fashion week, i had the chance to walk for different fashion brands. During one week there were alot of shows and one of them was for E-Clipse. Below i will give you some idea's on how i styled the outfits for the runway. As you can see E-clipse fashion goes from classic to casual to sport look. 

Outfit 1 :
E-CLIPSE rajha blue
Hair : Mr c -  Mr C Fabio
Shoes : Hoorenbeek - Yorshire shoes

Outfit 2  : 
E-clipse code cargo pants - Code Shirt Azul
piercing : phoebe piercing and more - facial piercing Z3 platinum
bracelt : phoebe piercing and more - Goth Cross
Hair : Wasabi pills - orion mesh hair
tattoo - aitui tattoo - forever loved
boots :  J's MainShop TOYOSU - Men's studded long boots-S
pose : Posesion - sagitario 9

Outfit 3:
E-clipse giwa pant - giwasweater white
sneakers : shey mesh soldier sneaker black/red
Skatboard : Officine Aliprandi MotorCycles - oldschool skateboard v3.8
headphones : Blood royal - br ipod headphone earmuffs
Hair : atro patena yancy
Sweatbands - pu!se sweatband skull
Pose : Posesion - sexy male jacket 3

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Look of the day ... Legal insanity,Moose, Jeepers, 22769, MrC, Posesion

Oh yes Legal insanity is bringing out some new pants, in different colours so you can match them with any shirt, shoes. I combined them with the new Moose shirts, a new store that you can find on the delirium style sim. The connery shoes are so great to match with these pants. To finesh the look i used the new bracelts from 22769 and the brand new hair from Mr.C. If you are looking for this great look ... what you waiting for...

Pants : Legal Insanity - hefunky pants military green
Shirt : ::Moose:: Loose T Shirt Black Ace
Shoes : Jeepers - Connery - Brown 
Bracelets : 22769 ~ [homme] Leather Bracelets Fatpack
Hair : Mr. CHector
Pose : Posesionscorpio 2