Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hunting time ... TRPH4 and more - post 3

Okay, where are the paparazzi out there? Did you read this right? hahah guess you did read it all wrong. Once i got a comment on a rehearsel .. wished i had this shirt on back then lmao. Moose designs make sure you got the right shirts for the right occasions. Guys get your eyeliners out, well like everyone knows im a big fan of guyliner and Mock just trows one in the runway perfect hunt. Xen hats keeps your head cool from the sun ... run guys run ...

hat : Xen's hats - Xen's Hats Autry Blue TRPH4
Eyeliner : [mock] - guyliner 2k - TRPH4
Shirt : ::Moose:: Loose T Shirt Black Wrong

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