Friday, May 3, 2013

Hunting time ... TRPH4 and MOH post 2

Oh yes its hunting time again. The runway perfect hunt just started together with the MOH. Two hunts where everyone can get some great stuff. Like you all can see Elysium is bringing new speedo's out, just keep in mind that you need to adjust your package to 50 to get a perfect look. The nails from moondance boutique for men is just one of the few nails designers that brings male nails in 3D and the creator Kathrin Dassin got more to come. Phoebe always joins hunts, sales and more and her designs are original.

Outfit : Elysium - TRPH beltspeedo (Male)
Nails : Moondance Boutique - TRPH Moondance Boutique Square Male Garnet Mirror 3d
Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Unisex Face Piercing ~9 Metals/9 Colors~ MOH3 Gift
Pose : posesion Andromedia TRPH (5 different poses)

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