Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New at Charltina's : sweatpants outfit

This great sweatpants of Charltina's are just great to give you that cool sports look. The strings with plaid texture from noble rot gives just that little touch. The same plaid texture comes back in the Combatboots from dot-be. The backpack from Flea Yatsenko Industries with skateboard indicates that this is a outfit that can be worn on sportsoccasions. The scarf from delirium style, earrings with skull from phoebe piercing and more, the wristbands of  hermony and the hair from sculptyliciouz just compleets your funky cool look.

Outfit : Charltina's - Charltina Sweatpants (Smexy black top - Men's Sweatpants)-

Strings : Noble rot : Noble not relaxed shorts strings part of complete pants (7L$) -
Scarf : Delirium Style : DS blade Scarf
Earring : Phoebe Piercing and more : *p* Claw Earring 
Wristband : Hermony - Hermony-wristband (free) -
Backpack with skateboard : [FYI] Fatstrap Skateboard backpack 1.0.1

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