Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New at deliriumstyle ...

Delirium style brings out some great jeans outfits with mesh shirts for the fall and winter.

Ds talon : Jeans, mesh shirt, necklace and boots

Ds talon comes with a nice mesh shirt that gives you the casual great look with the perfect pants to match your outfit.
The stars on the pants in violet perfectly match the pink shirt.
The shirt is available in white, black, blue, grey, red, pink and superman.
I prefer the pink/purple colored one because it just gives you a better look then the plain colours.

Ds rick : ripped jeans, mesh half open shirt, boots with socks, necklace

Ds Rick a very rough looking outfit. The pants are ripped and look very good for urban city's. The black shirt has got a bikerstheme at the back and will make you look good in every rockclub there is.
The boots with the socks will keep you warm and your feet dry in the rainy days.

Ds Kim : jeans, mesh sweater and boots

Ds Kim, this oufit is a great casual outfit to go to the movies, theater, park, shopping or a daily job. The mesh sweater texture is so nicely done that this would be the shirt you would buy in rl. The pants and boots match just perfect with the outfit.

Are u ready for a walk in the parc or city?
I was ...

Location of the sims
(please do not disturb the roleplay going on and wear a tag that says you are a vistitor)
Pic 1 - 3
Pic 2

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