Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Styles by Danielle FashionShow ...

Styles by Danielle outfits are diverse in range. Each wonderful outfit embodies a special style, elegant yet modern. With a unique twist to catch the eye of everyone in the room.
Celebrating 3 years in Second life, Styles by Danielle has continued to not only provide such wonderful formal wear, but also casual clothing as well.

Dani Plassitz is more than just a designer, she is also a singer who is performing in various events in Second Life, including her own store anniversary this year. For such a talented designer in our midst today, we have provided the perfect place to showcase her amazing creations on an award show. Come to see for yourself!
We hope you can come and celebrate with us!

Friday, November 23, 2012

[dirty.little.secret], menstuff lounge, modexpo

[dirty.little.secret] :: is celebrating there 1 year and has a mini (not free) hunt going on in the store. The mesh cardigan and unisex cowl scarf can be found in the shop hidden in little packages ... shttt don't tell anyone but use your search option to find them easy.. When you are searching for some furniture, 22769 gives out some great groups gifts, these 2 african furniture are part of a entire package.

Im relaxing like you see, thinking about what may come ... with my skin from egoisme that can be found at the menstuff lounge as gift. The new release from Latreia is here as preview to make you get those boots, they are easy to adjust and with the free pants from kennedy's and my undies from egoisme im just dressed prefect to daydreammm...while my little dragon belly piercing shines ...

Outfit :
Pants : Kennedy's pants free at menstuff lounge
undies : Egoisme - giano collection black at menstuff lounge
skin : Egoisme - Evian kiku medium at menstuff lounge
cardigan - scarf - [dirty.little.secret]- unisex scarlet hoodie & unisex cowl scarf (not free)
boots : Latreia - scout black (new release)
Belly piercing - Phoebe piercing and more - white dragon free at modexpo

furniture :22769 - 22769 groupsgift

Ds Dash ....

If you like to have a sporty outfit, well you can not do wrong with the new deliriumstyle outfit. While music is bringing you in a higher atmosphere, you are just on your way to make a run. The mesh body just keeps you warm on your trip out. DS Dash has got all included, hat, headphones, mesh body, t-shirt, sweat bracelets, sneakers, mesh jogging pants available in 2 colours .. a complete outfit !!

Outfit : Delirium style : DS DASH - jogging, mp3 player, headphones- beanie - sneakers
Picture taken here - School

Delirium style, menstuff lounge and image essentials hunt ...

With the Ds Brian makes you feel like you can do everything. The camo printed coat just makes every men dream of the army days on being though and a little hero. And with the prop from the image essentials hunt just a great scene to make your pictures.

Outfit : Delirium style : Ds Brian (mesh jacket, boots, pants)
Necklace : menstuff lounge gift - culture fine jewelry - loved chain (groupjoin fee but lots of free stuff!!)

pose : [Expressive Poses] - josh 2.0 (4)
Prop : Something new - street attitude prop (image essentials hunt) (FREE !!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bufu's new release

Bufu known for quality releases these new pants. Just a perfect look ... i stand my ground

jeans : [BuFu] - ::[BuFu]::Prod0.7_Mesh_Jeans_UltraCuffs_BLACK (not free)

Suicide Awareness hunt

I look to you ....
Candle :SAH : Ruth's creations - SAH Shell Candle
Tattoo : NSCutieShapes - SAH 24 - NS Remember the fallen

Suicide awareness hunt ...

Peace my friend, im here to listen to you !!

#19 Rispetto designs - Martedi outfit
MODEL POSES - model poses for SAH (ADULT rating)- (marketplace link)

Suicide Awareness Hunt ...

As of like 2011, an estimated one million people per year die by suicide. That means a death every 40 seconds or about 3000 people every day. And that it not all, out of everyone that is succesful, approximately twenty people have a failed suicide attempt. ... if you think about that you know that its alot and who never got the feeling of being unwanted, alone and in miserie.
We all know that someone out there has plans for us and yes life can be hard sometimes, really hard. Not only because of health problems but depressions and not feeling wanted is more and more commen with the social networks out there and bullying hits not only adults but also children.
If we know that our kids are on the social networks like facebook then we all know that the computer is an easy tool to use. Not only children are effected by it, but also grown ups. And yes you see it more and more happening that people kill themselfs because people can not stop bullying. In my opinion is that the first cause of suicide or suicide attempts.
Some might think what do you know about this all, who are u to write a piece of it on your blog, who do you think you are ... well im a survivior of many suicide attempts and i have a close friend that just tried to commit suicide over .... yes ... Secondlife love.
In ever corner of the world, you street, your houseblocks, appartment buildings ... is someone that has thoughts of killing themselfs and who is to judge if what they are feeling is severe enough to really do it? no one. Because what can be small for you can be huge for the other person.
I just like to say ... don't give them any advice to not do it because ... you might say it but if the person is in that deep depression they will not hear what you are saying. What can u do? Well for me it was a shoulder, someone that accepted me for who i was, what my thoughts were and was supportive in every single way, no matter how down i did feel and no matter if i landed in the hospital or not. A Friend !!!
If you have thoughts of suicide, try to talk to people, i know its not easy but please do not shut yourself out. While i type it i think, yeah right did you do this... If you are being bullied in secondlife, mute the person and talk to someone about it.  If bullying is on facebook, you can stop it by blocking someone's account, fill in a complaint. Parents keep an eye on your kids because the danger is so close by.
Show your feelings we are only human you know... and yes im a survivior ... do i still think about it ... yes i do ... but with the help of friends and a shoulder to cry on it is a bit easier ...
Hang in there, you are not alone !!
Tears : [Kathaarian] - SAH Tears Drama Make up - Tearsh SAH
Earrings : ~TEMPESTUOUS~ - "Everyday' Small Hoop Earring Silver
More info:
Also you can find on google suicide perventionlifeline's where u can chat online with people that can listen to you no matter what. There is so much out there that i can not put all links out here.
Never give up but talk !!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Eyes ...

We all know how important eyes are and that the eyes in sl should resemble the rl versions. Well amacci just released new eyes and yes they come in all kinds of versions. The eyes comes in two different sizes to fit both small and big eyes.
A pair of prim eye sparkle is included with these eyes. You don't have to wear the prim sparkles with your eyes, but they will add a special sparkle - maybe you'll like it, maybe you wont, the choice is yours :) (not free)

Image essentials hunt ... part 3

Pictures are always in people's lives, not only in rl but also in sl and with these picture frames you can't go wrong. Forever, i love you, i miss you and thank you. Just put your picture on it and done. The display comes with it so get your hunting gear and go hunting. And yes eureka, my light shines .... and yes the mesh sweater of fatal gives me the warmth i need to get through the colder days.

Prop/pose : Demise of flight - Idea Prop
Frames : Something New ~ Thank You Frame
Sweater : FATAL Anthony Sweater - Blue (not free, new release not in store yet)

Hunt details : 15th November - 15th December, 21 items on the Image Essentials Sim

Image Essentials 1000 Members Hunt ... part 2

All though summertime is far far away and winter is coming, i did dream of a nice swim in my pool in sl. And well yay, i am posing here with 2 poses that can be found on the image essentials hunt an yes also the outfit and the flower. So go and hunt your 21 items on the sim.

Left side : Image essentials : IE male stand - hunt gift
Right side : Demise of flight - flower power prop
outfit : Demise of flight - Mesh boardshorts - mesh tank "Fancy"

Hunt details  : 15th November - 15th December, 21 items on the Image Essentials Sim

Image Essentials 1000 Members Hunt ... part 1

This is a hunt on the Image Essentials Sim and it goes from 15th November - 15th December. Lots of props and poses.

Here you see one off them ... This i love you pose comes with the letters and the pose on it so you can make some great pics for your loved one.

Outfit : Dot-be Fashion : Amergo black
Boots : Inedit - Inedit-Footwear 042*dean* shoes
Gloves : Redgrave - Biker gloves creme
Hair : Wasabi Pills : Wasabi Pills - Zack Hair
Scarf : Dot-be Fashion - Dot-be Neckchief luigi Davinci

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black Butterfly Mesh fall suit

While i went for a romantic dance i did put on the CHARLTINA's Black butterfly suit fall 2012.
This black and white suit with the butterfly print, is for the more classy men that wants to be different. Its a real eye catcher.  The Hair from Exile, the kumaki glasses and the pale skin just gives an accent to the special look of this suit. (not free)

Suit : CHARLTINA's - Charltina's Black butterfly suit fall 2012

Accesoires :
Glasses : Kumaki : K_gs Cyrah
Hair : Exile - exile pulse

Modexpo - free items and more

ModExpo is a Discount Retail Outlet Center that you place your products to be sold in. It's primairly clothing for adults, children, babies, petites.....Anything that can be worn. ie: Skins, hairs, makeups, shoes, clothing. Must be HUMAN though (No Neko, furry, robot, animal).
In the gazebo you can find mini-mania,free items, lucky chairs and gacha !!  Inside you will find some great designs on lower price that the items are sold in stores !!

GACHA : random colour for 10L$ !!!

Mini-Mania board !!! Come and slap it nowww
Join the mode expo group to enter the board !!

Where can u find these items? Modexpo

Dirty turkey hunt !

Phoebe is in several hunts with several items. These piercings just are that special that you can adjust the textures with a simple click on it and are in the Dirty Turkey hunt. So get your hunting gear out and get it !!!

Phoebe piercing and more - *p* Facial Piercing Z3 - Platinium (gift)
<<<  The Dirty Turkey Hunt  >>>      $0L     (unisex)
        November 1 - 30
Hint: See hintgiver

Flow's new mesh

Flow brings always new mesh items and these loose fitting blue jeans for everyday is fitting a bit baggy. Made from the finest denium. Super stylish for dress or casual wear. These blue jeans are
available in A, B, C, D, E, F & G, so in 7 different colours!! Together with the mesh camo hoodie and the dura groupsgift to complete the look, you are so ready to go out on the streets.

Hair : *Dura* - *Dura* Groupgift - halloween 2012
Shirt : Flow - Flow hood tee camo
Pants : Flow - Flow jeans deep E

Excellent new Mesh !!

Stylish and casual pants from !gO! mads Pants, with flannel around the weist and Tough Boots by Virgo you can go wrong. Adding the black tee shirt from Dot-Be's Edward Gray Red completes this kicking outfit, your now ready to have some skateboarding fun! (not free)

Pants : !gO!  : !gO! Mads Pants black-khaki
Shirt : Dot-be fashion: OMG shirt of the Dot-be Outfit Edward grey/red
Boots : Vigo - Vigo - Tough Boots

New mesh outfit in Charltina's ...

This suit is a versatile mesh suit that you can wear day to night and look charming. As you can see it is a light tweed suit with chocolate pin stripping down the inner and outter legs and on the breast and back of the jacket. It also has the lovely chocolate color down the front gracing the buttons with chocolate bands above and below the elbow to make this tweed suit complete. The choc dotted tie and this elegant weekend travel mesh bag with pose by Lily Bird fineshes the look. (no free items)

Outfit : Charltina's - Charltina's Men's Tweed choc stripesuit fall 2012
Bag : {Lily Bird}- {Lily Bird} - weekend travel mesh bag with pose - purple

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Delirium Style outfit Bill

My my i can not wait until the world cup starts again. I went to practise on the field myself. Oh yes all weekdays are my shitday's lool, who doesn't like the weekends. I looked back the euro 2012 championship and went dreaming ... great song. And with this outfit from delirium you can't go wrong. Mesh sneaker that fit perfect on your pixel feet. Mesh white jogging and ofcourse the shirt shitday.
Dura got some great hairs and i love them all and the dura-boy 18 is fits just great for this and also for other outfits.

Outfit : Delirium style : DS bill - mesh jogging - sneakers - t-shirt (not free)
Hair : Dura - dura-boy*18

Free October gift Gizza ...

With the free gift from Gizza you can not go wrong. The jeans pants and the nice wool blazer gives you a casual though chique look. To complete the look i used some sweaters from Dot-be and the combats boots from Yasum Designs. The hair from Blackliquid is a limited edition so hurry up if you like a special look. And this was created by listening to ...... listen for yourself and enjoy

Outfit : Gizza - october gift (jeans - blazer)
Boots : Yasum Designs - Yasum*COMBAT BOOTS*UNISEX*GRUNGE  (not free)
Hair : Blackliquid hair - sothis - limited item !!! (not free)

Delirium style Luc

Like we all know Christel designs lots of new outfits. Some of them are named after models or managers that are there working with her for a while. And this outfit is one of them.

This outfit is a great casual look. The boots are just perfect for a walk on the country side. The song i was thinking about when i was walking on the beautiful sim was directly "Belgiƫ". Yay i know i love Belgium. Listen to it an tell me what u think.

Outfit : Delirium style : DS luc - pants - non-rigged mesh boots - mesh blazer - necklace


New for 22769 for mens dept

Listening to this music i went to do my styling and to a great sim. With the arc de trioph behind me ...

For the new round of The Mens Dept (starting 5th November) 22769 crafted some corduroy skater pants and an oversized tee for the complete skater look. Both items can be purchased seperate at the Mens Dept of course. Within the next days the tee and the pants will also come in our flagship store for the regular price and with a bit more color options.

Outfit - 22769 ~ [homme] mens dept. Skaterpants and Tees (not free)
If you like to listen to the Music on youtube.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jewels ...

Yes, we man can wear special earrings, necklaces ... these necklace and stud earrings just look wonderfull for that sporty cool look.

Earrings : Styles by Danielle : DANIELLE Men's Stud Earrings Gift Box (300L)
Necklace : Phoebe Piercing and more - *P* Fairy Necklace ~9 Beads & Quartz Textures~ Man (59l) until 11 november !!

New at BMC sports ..

For a night or day in the gym to give you that sporty look. These new pants from BMC feel so light on your skin. Get you in sweat, train that body and go to BMC.

outfit : BMC : BMC MESH DG black JOGGING (not free)

sneakers : *Cestar* - Tennis-leather- CS Black and white (1l$)
sweatband : [Pu!se] -  [Pu!se] sweatband - skull (10l$)

New at Charltina's : sweatpants outfit

This great sweatpants of Charltina's are just great to give you that cool sports look. The strings with plaid texture from noble rot gives just that little touch. The same plaid texture comes back in the Combatboots from dot-be. The backpack from Flea Yatsenko Industries with skateboard indicates that this is a outfit that can be worn on sportsoccasions. The scarf from delirium style, earrings with skull from phoebe piercing and more, the wristbands of  hermony and the hair from sculptyliciouz just compleets your funky cool look.

Outfit : Charltina's - Charltina Sweatpants (Smexy black top - Men's Sweatpants)-

Strings : Noble rot : Noble not relaxed shorts strings part of complete pants (7L$) -
Scarf : Delirium Style : DS blade Scarf
Earring : Phoebe Piercing and more : *p* Claw Earring 
Wristband : Hermony - Hermony-wristband (free) -
Backpack with skateboard : [FYI] Fatstrap Skateboard backpack 1.0.1