Sunday, November 11, 2012

Modexpo - free items and more

ModExpo is a Discount Retail Outlet Center that you place your products to be sold in. It's primairly clothing for adults, children, babies, petites.....Anything that can be worn. ie: Skins, hairs, makeups, shoes, clothing. Must be HUMAN though (No Neko, furry, robot, animal).
In the gazebo you can find mini-mania,free items, lucky chairs and gacha !!  Inside you will find some great designs on lower price that the items are sold in stores !!

GACHA : random colour for 10L$ !!!

Mini-Mania board !!! Come and slap it nowww
Join the mode expo group to enter the board !!

Where can u find these items? Modexpo

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