Sunday, July 29, 2012

New at Delirium Style

Delirium style brings out a new mesh summer outfit. A very complete outfit, pants, t-shirt, leather jacket,earplugs, necklace and sneakers.

Outfit : D-Style - Fafnir

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New at PeKaS Designs ...

PeKaS Designs is spoiling us with 5 new outfits. The outfit on the left is called Ramses and with the skulls it shows your are deadly. The Outfit on the right is called Ishan and really shows off your male shape with the shirt.

PeKaS Designs : Ramses & Ishan

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vero Modero show ..

On the summerparade show i was one of the male models to represent the new male summer outfits from vero modero. Great new designs check them out...

Outfit left : Vero modero : tolga mesh outfit
Bracelet : [Mistwood] - mistwood Dimensions Bracelet - Topaz
Tattoo : !::Wicked Tattoos::i - Revenge
Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more : *P* Unisex Face Piercings ~NEW GROUP GIFT~
Necklace : ~Casuka~ : ~Casuka~Necklace "Quadro" - Chest

Outfit right : Vero modero : Burak swimsuit skull
Bracelet : Phoebe piercing and more*p* Wild Man Bangle
earrings - Phoebe piercing and more - *p* Claw earring ear1.1) -
Necklace : Finesmith - Apala - Necklace male no longer in store but check out the back to nature series its almost the same.
Hair : cheerno - A.C - STD.Gloxhair Summer 78 [Raven]
Tattoo : Aitui Tattoo - forever Loved [Faded] - not in store anymore but lots of other tattoo's are

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Vacation Hunt ...

If you are looking for that summervibe ... for only 3L you get nice stuff ... from clothing to accesoires to summerfurniture all unisex !!

* Summer Vacation Hint list

New at Delirium Style and Reila Skins

D-style brought a new compleet outfit, these nice pants and sandals just makes you feel that its summertime ... combined with the nice mesh shirts brought by reila skins u are ready ... not free but great

Delirium style : D-Style - Rory : comes with with capris jeans, mesh shirts in 2 colours (not showing on pic), scarf, suspenders and sandals
Reila skins and fashion : SUMMER TANK 1

Sinister Steampunk Hunt

A hunt for the special ones out there. If you like to dress different, special and still great, this hunt is just perfect, its unisex and with this outfit i did feel right on the dark side ...


More info :
Sinister steampunk hunt - until 31july !!!

PYWH --- Jazzitude

In the Punk you world hunt some outfits are ... yes also for men. I really liked this one and i wanted to share it with you all.

Jazzitude - Rude Boy - PYWH #4

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hope for Emilia ...

Hope For Emilia is an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fund raise for the victims of earthquake in Emilia (Italy). These outfits can be found in 2 places and all sales go for 100% to the victims.
* Dot-Be Fashion new shop
* Dot-Be Fashion on Emilia sim

Friday, July 20, 2012

Punk your World Hunt ..

If you like punk style this is the perfect hunt for him and her ... keep a little thing in mind all items are 1L but there is a preview.

Outfit : RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - PYWH #14 - Punked
--> More info about the hunt with the links and hints can be found here the hunt started 16 July and goes until 15 august !!

Make up : (not free)
Black lips : Oceane body design - Terry Glossy Lips : into the night
Eye makeup : Blackliquid makeup - Anodised red

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Modeling ... bad or wrong styling and love

I though i had it all ... guess modeling does take a toll on love rl and sl ...

If someone would ask me what i would do different, i would say ... save all the money i did spend for modeling classes because only a few make it ... if they know your name then u make it otherwise you are just one of the thousands out there.

I went to several model Academy's, not the least i can say that. I spend at least 22000 linden on classes not to mention the poses and the outfits to wear. If you all count it up, trying to be a model costs alot lindens but the cost on your love, your family and friends are way bigger.  Being a model makes u a lonely person, u are busy with styling, searching for the best poses, go to auditions, do rehearsels, go to do castings, do interviews with agency's and so on .... sometimes you are lucky to be accepted but most of the times its a slam in your face and it knocks you down on the floor. Being a model is lots falling down and a few times standing up. U can be lifted to the highest place and be pushed back to the ground in just a matter of minutes. Not to mention your rl and your sl love thats suffering from it ... i lost it all.

Like you all know i made it to the finals of Mister Virtual World 2012 and represented my country Belgium. I graduated from the same academy aswell ... but let me tell you this. It is no garantee you will be accepted into agency's. People like you or they don't, they know your name or they don't ... and if you are not an asskisser or not know ... im sorry but you are not accepted.  And who is the judge on whether u are "hot, sexy, cool, right" styled or not?  I would say ... there is no such thing as being wrongly styled. You might say, what are u saying now. Well its all about taste. A few days ago i did see a live performance on youtube from Whitney Houston, performing with her little daughter. She was wearing, pink pants, with a brown fur long jacket, purple heels and red belt. At first i was saying, what on earth is she wearing ... but then again i said, well if you like to stand out and you like the way you are dressed then why not. When i watch the fashion shows of great designers in rl i sometimes think ... "are u serious u think someone is going to wear this?" or "poor model she has to wear something like this without falling from stage" .. and believe me i am not the only one thinking like this. I did watch some fashion shows in sl and even did a few myself and sometimes i even think when i see an outfit "who is going to wear this?".  But i see people wearing some outfits ... so if you would ask me what is a good styling or a bad styling i would say there isn't such thing as bad styling because its all a matter of taste.

My last casting i went for was called : Theme :"Beach party at Acapulco"

What is the first you do when you see something like this? ... right you go on to google and type in "beach party at acapulco" to see if google finds something. And what do you find then ... well all kinds of stuff. But most of the people are in the water or on the beach in swimsuits ... the picture you will see is my outfit i went for to do the casting to be accepted into an agency ... i wanted to look different, wanted to give the impression of acapulco with the colourfull cap on my head and my swimtrousers and with the ripped shirt and the claws earrings to say i am a party animal and here i am ... u want to know the results? They picket everyone that wasn't in beach outfit. So who is to say you are styled perfect? Google for yourself and see the pictures you get .... i was always told dressed like you would be dressed in rl ... I leave the comments all to you about my styling. Because i like to learn and see what people think...

to be continued ...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New at the mensdepartment ...

The Mens Departement ... all items there are between 75-150L from the best designers on the grid ... take a look ... these mesh pants or polo shirts are 85L !!

Mesh Shirts : 22769 - Poloshirt 22769 ~ [homme] poloshirt mint - red - black
Mesh Pants : 22769 - 22769 ~ [homme] chinos light blue - black - brown

New Midnight Mania

PeKaS brings us a new Midnight Mania board ... get your friends and Click !!!

PeKaS Urban Death and Rose

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vitamen Show ..

I promised you all that i would show you what i was wearing in the summer parade. Lots of designers and models worked to get the summer parade week going. One of the brands was Vitamen and i was honered to be a model for there show. I know these items are not free but so wonderfull stuff out there and go and check all the other shops aswell. Many designers out there that give the best.

First outfit : VITAMEN : HOUND's TOOTH charcoal
Shirt : HeDo - Keizo
Shoulderpads : TAD - Aegeous shoulder
Earrings/feet : {KH} Rhys - feet/earrings
Make up - Oceane body design- Jade lips red silver stripe - Oceane Gorgeous Eyeshadow Silver
Necklace : SADALBARI Design : Demon Horse 

Second outfit :VITAMEN : Bikini bandana casis
Shirt : K!ng Half shirt [CORD]
Hair : Dura : dura-boy 18
Earrings/Bracelets : Phoebe's Piercing and more :  Alex hoops earrings - bangles 5 red -
Glasses : Neurolab - neurolab glasses
Shoes : MPP - Men flip flop
Facialhair : Fruk : face fuzz - jeremiah beard

New at Delirium style ..

The designer of delirium style is back from vacation and there we go ... we have a nice new outfit .. a very compleet outfit, earplugs, flipflops, bracelet and necklace all included.

Outfit : D-Style - D-style Warmonger comes standard with a brown polo, but the colours Salmon what i am wearing and blue, green,grey and lilac are available aswell.

New at PeKaS ...

PeKaS brought a new outfit called "Pick a fight" and i must say it suits perfect if you like gorean and gothic style. Match it with some EMO-tions hair and some black lipstick from oceane and there u got the look. Not much is needed to give you that fierce look because its already a compleet outfit.

Outfit incl boots : PeKaS pick a fight
Hair : EMO-tions (blogged here)
Make-up : Oceane body design :Terry Glossy lips: into the night

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SZD groupsgift ...

SZD is a cool store with very cool outfits and they have this groupsoutfit. Match it with the new EMO-tions hair and you look great. The outfit comes together with tattoo,bracelets, necklace and even a little feather for in your mouth.

Outfit : SZD - SZD Gentle mad
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. : .:EMO-tions:. * PATRICK * / black (not free)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great groupsgifts ...

I found some great groupsgifts. SZD has everyweek also midnight maniaboards and several groupsgifts and i found a new great store called DEER its almost a full meshstore and the great thing about the meshoutfits they come with a hud so you can change the textures. Instead of 1 shirt u get several like there groupsgift.

Pants : SZD - SZD lowered Jeans black (groupsgift)
Tanktop : DEER - Mesh regatta top multi-textures (groupsgift)

New Midnight mania at PeKaS

Hello guys, im sorry my posts were bit slow latelty, but i had some fashionshows to do and i will blog those outfits soon so you can go and get them because they looked gorgous. Like you all know every week PeKaS Designs got new Midnight Mania boards out and this outfit is one of them. Enjoy ...

PeKaS Urban Stefano

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New groupsgift at PeKaS ...

Its the time of the month at PeKaS releases the new groupsgifts ...

New mesh at BuFu ....

If you want some colorfull mesh stop by at BuFu .... the new mesh baggy are very nice and fit great. The textures are giving these pants a very cool look.

Outfit 1 :
[Bufu] Prod0.7_baggySlim_POWER_FadedWhite
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / B-Boy King

Outfit 2 :
[ BuFu ]Prod0.7_BaggySlim_POWER_DarkBlue
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / Dog & Cat

Outfit 3 :
[ BuFu ]Prod0.7_BaggySlim_POWER_FadedBlack
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / Ecko Unltd

Outfit 4 :
[ BuFu ]Prod0.7_BaggySlim_POWER_Dark
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / Unkut Gray

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alehandrita Designs

Hello everybody, I got this nice message from Alehandrita .... Only for TODAY !!!

"Today I organised my SL Market items and I decided to make a special sale just for my group and subscribers. Some of my items are just today at 25L$ ! "
Check it out all : Alehandrita Designs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flow ... new designs

Flow comes back with some amazing designs in mesh ...

Shirts : Flow - Tank Tops - Black
Shorts : Flow - Boardshort KS FADE

EMO-tions show from 30 july ..

Hello all, the pulse tv network gives designers a chance to show there designs while several great models get on stage. Yesterday i was in the EMO-tions show and i would like to share with you all the nice outfit i showed but later on you will find the show on the pulse tv network site.

OUTFIT : EMO-tions :  EDGE OF SANITY : This is a compleet outfit im showing pants with open kilt, boots, collar and all upper and lower attachements, but it also has a closed kilt

HAIR : EMO-tions : SURVIVOR II BLACK : im using the add-on and face tribal tattoo, but you can also choice not to wear the face tribal or the add-on ofcourse
Make up :
face : DAMNED - Damned - Ain't Me
body : HYSTERIA - Hysteria - whip me hard
fingertape : ENVIOUS - Hypnosis Finger tape - part of MOH2 gift
Dagger : Varden Goss : Bloodfang Dagger - free on marketplace

Soon to be seen at the Fashion fix show online from saterday 30 july on Pulse tv network.