Sunday, July 1, 2012

EMO-tions show from 30 july ..

Hello all, the pulse tv network gives designers a chance to show there designs while several great models get on stage. Yesterday i was in the EMO-tions show and i would like to share with you all the nice outfit i showed but later on you will find the show on the pulse tv network site.

OUTFIT : EMO-tions :  EDGE OF SANITY : This is a compleet outfit im showing pants with open kilt, boots, collar and all upper and lower attachements, but it also has a closed kilt

HAIR : EMO-tions : SURVIVOR II BLACK : im using the add-on and face tribal tattoo, but you can also choice not to wear the face tribal or the add-on ofcourse
Make up :
face : DAMNED - Damned - Ain't Me
body : HYSTERIA - Hysteria - whip me hard
fingertape : ENVIOUS - Hypnosis Finger tape - part of MOH2 gift
Dagger : Varden Goss : Bloodfang Dagger - free on marketplace

Soon to be seen at the Fashion fix show online from saterday 30 july on Pulse tv network.

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