Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vitamen Show ..

I promised you all that i would show you what i was wearing in the summer parade. Lots of designers and models worked to get the summer parade week going. One of the brands was Vitamen and i was honered to be a model for there show. I know these items are not free but so wonderfull stuff out there and go and check all the other shops aswell. Many designers out there that give the best.

First outfit : VITAMEN : HOUND's TOOTH charcoal
Shirt : HeDo - Keizo
Shoulderpads : TAD - Aegeous shoulder
Earrings/feet : {KH} Rhys - feet/earrings
Make up - Oceane body design- Jade lips red silver stripe - Oceane Gorgeous Eyeshadow Silver
Necklace : SADALBARI Design : Demon Horse 

Second outfit :VITAMEN : Bikini bandana casis
Shirt : K!ng Half shirt [CORD]
Hair : Dura : dura-boy 18
Earrings/Bracelets : Phoebe's Piercing and more :  Alex hoops earrings - bangles 5 red -
Glasses : Neurolab - neurolab glasses
Shoes : MPP - Men flip flop
Facialhair : Fruk : face fuzz - jeremiah beard

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