Friday, October 23, 2015

Look of the day ... *Soonsiki, * S O R G O, **RE**, pure poison, GRAFICA

For those men that didn't discover these stores, get out there and get the goodies. And yes ladies and gents there is a new posecreator inworld, grafica... not only photography poses but also poses that can be used on the runway !! And yes Alyx Aerallo does customs aswel !!

hair : *Soonsiki~ Sweet Leaf *Blacks*
glasses : * S O R G O - TETSUO Shades / TORT
necklace : **RE** ReVoX Arjen Necklace
jacket : ::K:: Classic Jacket Homme Black
pants : ::K:: Dual Belt Chinos Homme
sandals : Pure Poison - Roman Striped Sandals - Men

Pose : grafica ~ dyn v mirror

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