Friday, January 2, 2015

Look of the day ... Cluny Fashion Style, REMY R., Gabriel, Truth, Z O O M, MESH ADDICT VIRTUAL, pixlights, exile, Mandala, Boon, Tattoo art, WIN

If its chic or casual or even ready for a boxingmatch. Tree looks tree different styles. Get that passion for fashion out of you !

Look 1
Hair : truth Tom
Fur : REMY  Reminisce Mainstore- RR Kenzufur-creme
Bag : GB - Body bag black
Outfit : Cluny fashion style - C.F.S. mesh outfit Classe

Look 2
sneakers : GB - sneakers black - Gabriel 
glasses : Z O O M - aviator white gold
Hair : exile far behind
watch : Pixlights - barcode
Outfit : M.A.V Outfit B.Dz 

Look 3
Hair : Boon - gas760
Ears : Mandala
Tattoo : Tattoo art - Lotus Light
gloves : WIN Aver instinct 
Outfit : M.A.V Baggy Kickboxing  Mesh Addict Virtual 

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