Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vista Animations – RUBEN AO

Get it now to have the masculine look !
Another amazing AO is set to explode on the grid. This coming Independence Day Vista’s new AO will be released. This AO is the ultimate masculine AO to be released. Gentleman you will not be disappointed nor will the ladies for that matter.

  • -Animations improved with our new professional mocap system at Mocap Bcn/Vista 
  • -23 long play stands. Larger performance with more freedom of poses.
  •  -Improved breathing effect. -NEW couple animations added, and 100% compatible with our mocap couples hud. Add animations “drag and play” 
  • -Accessories friendly: Use your handbags or whatever during your stands, walks turns or run -Mesh friendly: Made and tested to respect your mesh clothing. (Always that is correctly rigged…)
  •  -Updated HUD that allow unlimited dances and notecards and force arms for them. -Selectable attitude modes. Select using load button 
CHATTING (less moved anims that keep your avatar facing the other person) -23 stands, 8 walks, 2 run, 5 sits, 5 grounds, 4jumps flights and 6 dances. More than 54 new animations!

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