Sunday, March 16, 2014

Look of the day ... Banger Island Creations (BIC), Flow, Delirium style

Shirts, jackets, pants and boxers all a man needs. The new designs from these stores will just make you be the man !

Shirt 1 : <BIC> Zombie Response Team TShirt 
short 1 : flow . Men's  Boxer Brief BLACK 1

Shirt 2 :<BIC> BRONY Long Sleeve Sweater 
short 2 : flow . Men's  Boxer Brief  BROWN

Jacket : Yasum*MESH*Milan Winter Coat*Mega Hud controled*MALE
Pants : D-Style - Kilt Baggy 
Tattoo : <BIC> The Illuminati Tattoos (Unisex)

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