Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Look of the day ...Dozze, Chronokit, Dot-be fashion, Moondance Boutique

I so like the show so i went to walk in it. With my new coat from Chronokit, my new pants from DOZZE and with the preview of the Dot-Be March gift. Other boots designs are also available in the store ! 

Coat : *chronokit* ModsCoat02 Beige + fur
Pants : DOZZE - Radical Jeans For Boots (Brown)
Boots : Dot-be Fashion - Dot-be march gift 2014
Nails : Moondance Boutique SlinK Avatar Enhancement African Tribal (Hunt starts on the 21st of Feb and goes throught he 31st, starts at Kastle rock Couture for all paths, 7 countires, 7 paths 20 stops ech and it's a 1L hunt)

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