Thursday, October 31, 2013

Look of the day.... Chronokit, Dot-be Fashion, Moondance Boutique, Chop Zuey

What about love, don't you want someone to care about you? What about love, Don't let it slip away .... (Heart - What about love)

Wondering and walking around with the new release of chronokit. This jacket if you see it its so wonderfull detailed. The texture almost makes you feel like you see the fabric in rl. I decided to combine it with the Dot-Be chino pants that come with the carlo outfit and comes in different designs with a hud.

Jacket : *chronokit* Tailored Jacket 
Pants : Dot-be - Dot-be Carlo outfit pants
nails : Moondance Boutique - Male Key nail 3d
jewelry : Chop ZueyHalloween - Something Wicked Set

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