Saturday, August 17, 2013

Look of the day ... Zip, Chop Zuey, Wasabi pills

Don't you know pump it up ...  This outfit from zip was released for the graduationshow i walked in with Catskillz. This was the first time i was using mesh hands and my my, im still not really sure how they look on me. The colour fitting was not really a problem but posing with hands that not really move ... I just couldn't resist to add a pair of meshhands with this beautifull designed poloshirt. Hellllllllllllp don't squeeze me to much ...

Outfit :
Pants : Zip - men's mesh cream jeans 
Shirt : Zip - Mens polo shirt hand S
bracelt : Chop zuey - Ivanhoe Blk Bead Bracelt 
hair : Wasabi Pills - Erik Mesh hair

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