Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Look of the day .... The 24 event with McQueens poses, FBD and Amacci, Chop zuey

The 24 event is going to start from 23 august until 31 august ! One of the sets is from McQueen's pose, this is a complete beach set for single and couple, with table, chairs, towls and 2 beachballs and not to forget you can change the texture of the background or remove it. So just perfect for your photoshoots or to place at your beach.

The outfit im wearing is also from the 24 event so people get your stuff at the 24 !! 

Prop : McQueen's poses - couple beach scene
outfit : FBD come plaid with me

hair : Amacci Hair Tom ~ Black Coal 
bracelets : Chop Zuey - Ivanhoe Blk Bead Bracelet
Earrings : Chop Zuey - Men's Diamond 

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