Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The world of fashion ....

What can i say about the world of fashion?

There are many words that can be spoken about it positive or negative. Most of the people that go to fashion shows only see the models performing on stage and not whats happening behind it. They don't see how much work, money and time models, scriptwriters, designers, builders, coördinators, dj's, host ... put in a show.

As a Coordinator, builder, scripter and model i was so pleased that people did see my talent i had and that they wanted me in there management to help produce shows. But i just found out recently that i can not continue to work as a manager in one agency, because i'm also manager in UEMA. They seem to be scared that one person steals idea's from one agency to another etc ... I understand some of there visions, but some people need to understand that even when you are a model you are not restricted to one agency only.

Do they think you get idea's to put it into another agency? What about models that model in another agency and are manager in another or even owner in another agency? They can see a show idea they like and try to work with that, tell there manager and so ... they can listen to idea's what is circling around ... take idea's of how to coordinate a show, how to make notecards different, how to do new castings ... etc..

As a builder i build stages for different agency's,write showscripts for different agency's, help with walks, coordinate shows aswell ... does this mean i give half work because im also a manager in another agency? No, because that would mean that builders, scriptwriters, .. can only work for 1 person in the entire world of secondlife.

I work as a teacher in 3 different schools and that means im managing there aswell. I have to work with my boss to put the schoolparty's together, work music out, work stages out, work choreo out etc ... Everyone knows that schools are like modelagency's here, they are competition to eachother. Does this mean that you just give yourself to one school and the other you just grab idea's? I don't think so... Its like saying to an actor, "hey you can act in movies but only for this moviecompany". Its like saying to musicwriters for movie's, you can only write music for this company".

I take my SL job very serious and you will never catch me with an agency tag on my head unless im at the agency or modeling on stage. Because i think its just fair that all agency's get credit for there hard work. You all know im a designer of clothing aswell and that will be the tag i wear when i go out in public. I love every agency i worked for so far and if they ask me to help them in there management i always do help. Because each agency works different, i never have seen conflicts of intrests in any of it. That would mean i can not coordinate a show somewhere else, that means i can not build for another agency, write a script or even go and dj there ...
Do i harm anyone? i don't think so
Even as a designer i work together with other designers ...

This all makes me think in what a world we life in. People don't trust people, there is so much hate out there, jealousy, people are not willing to help eachother anymore scared of being used by them.
Its time that people would open there arms for eachother instead of making a distance and saying, when u quit there u can come here !

Next time students ask what is the best i can do to become a good model in sl. Keep your business to your own because they will use it against you !!! Is that the way we should live our SL? The real world is hypocrit enough don't you think? All that talking behind your backs and bullying ... i hope one day this all my stop and there is back love and peace in the world.

Until that i say .... hang on ... you've waited for so long ... for your place in the sun ... hang on !!
Listen to this song ..... Hang on - regi ft stan van samang

Dot-be Peace on earth huntgift !


  1. I could not agree more. I have had an agency and been a model in sl all of my sl. I always work with other agencies if they need models use mine, If they need help give it to them. I am secure enough to believe in my agencies and my models. You are one of them and I have no issue you doing anything for other people at all. There is no exclusive in modeling whether in rl or sl and I think it's time people stopped thinking there all that and a bag if chips and understand were not the enemy. Good job honey and I as an agency owner, model, builder all of it applaud you. I am 100% proud of you being with L'Amour and others!!!!!!