Monday, December 31, 2012

Madrid solo .. Chop zuey

Earrings - Chop zuey gift - Escape from manila earrings (womenstuff hunt gift !)
Make up - Madrid solo - End of the world Eyeliner & tat

A casual look ...

Well if you want to create a casual look you will never go wrong to mix and match some items.
The new BMC jacket and the new shoes from latreia combined with the july groups gift of gizza the new atro patena hair and some chop zuey jewel gifs you get this look ...

hair : [Atro Patena] - Rome_black - gift subscriber (click the subscriber in store)
Jacket : BMC - BMC Gangsta Jacket
Pants + Belt : GIZZA - July group gift male
Shoes : Latreia - Jerren Black
Belly ring : Chop zuey - Chop Zuey Gift Xmas2 Men Non FinalJudgment belly ring
Ring : Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Gift Non Men Margherita Ring

Gizza formal look ...

For my formal look at my graduation show i did wear this wonderfull new tuxedo of gizza. On top of this, this outfit is now in promo 50% off so hurry and get it now ... Its a very complete outfit where you can choise between black or white for the jacket, shirt and bowtie.If you want to look great, sexy, adorable for your next date, this is the outfit!!

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Morgan Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack
Suit : GizzA - TUXEDO [Cream - Black]

Delirium style ... Steve

This outfit is a great casual look for the bit warmer days that will come after the winter.

Outfit : Delirium Style - DS Steve - jeans - hoodie sweater - t shirt - sneaker

Atro patena ...


Face Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Unisex Face Piercings Q5 ~8 Metals & 11 Gems~
Hair : [Atro Patena] - Ethan_black

Delirium Style ... Oliver

This outfit comes with 3 colour turtleneck sweaters white - black - grey. If you are looking for an outfit that will keep you warm when you go on a shoppingtrip or a walk this complete new outfit from delirium style just does this.

Outfit : Delirium Style - DS Oliver - jeans - turtleneck white - boots
Hair : [Atro Patena] - [Atro Patena] - Ethan_black

Delirium Style Milad ...

Delirium style brings always classy outfits. This new outfit is great for your casual look and walk to go shopping.

Outfit : Delirium Style - Ds Milad - boots - jeans - mesh jacket
Hair : [atro patena] - [atro patena]- Jack_black

Gizza ... Xmas promo ...

This casual outfit from Gizza is 50% off so hurry up. I did present this outfit for my graduation show and yes wow, i really liked it. The hair with the headphones accented the casual look.

Outfit : Gizza : GizzA - Casual Suit [Black]
Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Reiko-black set with headphones -

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seasons greetings ...

I want to wish everyone happy holidays ... lots of love ... happiness ... and all you want ...

Are u alone this Christmas know there will be always someone that cares for you or loves you. Never give up on life. I know it can be hard when you feel alone with no one around you.  Sometimes you have a feeling you rather not life anymore, but never give up !!

I would like to thank everyone that has been there for me the past months. Thanks for all the joy and laughter, the understanding and coöperations ...

Love and kisses

Gothic Xmas ...

I don't want a lot for Christmas .... There's just one thing I need .. I don't care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree ... I just want you for my own ... More than you could ever know Make my wish come true ... All I want for Christmas is... You

This outfit from Gothicatz is just perfect to make a gothic xmas outfit. The bag gives out free gifts that you can adjust so you can put your own gifts in it.

Outfit : GothiCatz - >>GothiCatz<< Titan
make up : Fricka Morgath - {Frick} Nemesis Eye Makeup
bag : FallnAngel Creations -  FallnHolidayBagBlack

Adventcalender ...

Xmas timeeeee ... decorations .... candy cane's and free gifts ....the adventcalender slowly is coming to an end, so be sure to get your gifts on time !!

Hoodie - 22769 ~ [christmas 2012] December 24 [homme]
Pants : [d.l.s.] :: 2012 Advent :: Dec.24 :: Red Stripe Vintage Pants
Boots : [dirty.little.secret] ::  AL stars wellies ::

New at delirium style ...

Christmas time is always so wonderfull. I went to the brussels grand place to visit the xmas market and to meet my friend in my new delirium outfit. Eventhough my legs were a little cold it always feel great to go to place thats close to me in reallife.

Outfit : Delirium Style - Benjamin

Monday, December 17, 2012

POE hunt ... Inga Wind

Although spring is still far away and we are still in winter, this outfit from Inga wind gives you the summervides back. This complete mesh outfit is just perfect for a walk on the beach while the cool wind is blowing ... and don't forget its FREE !!

POE5 box #005 - *IW* Inga Wind Clothing - *IW* Theo in RedBlack

Poe Hunt - Advent calender

The ideal outfit to sit in the house and relax. This outfit from Fatal in the POE hunt is perfect. The mesh jeans and mesh cardigan gives you comfort. The Mens Christmas Comfy from [d.l.s.] as advent calender gift on 18 december makes you feel at home.

Shoes : [d.l.s.] :: 2012 Advent :: Dec.18 :: Mens Christmas Comfy Flats
POE5 box #106 - FATAL - Fatal duover cardigan - fatal horizon jeans

Poe hunt ... with innuendo

Peace on earth hunt brings so much wonderfulls. With this outfit from innuendo you are ready for the winter time and a walk in a park. The brown colour in the pants and the jacket just perfectly suits the sweater and gives you a warm feeling. The detailed collar on the sweater gives you that chic feeling. Don't i look classy? Innuendo italian style brings you all of this... and the important part here its FREE !! So what are u waiting for?

POE box 156 - Innuendo italian Style - *LUCASbrown* by Ciccia Bergamasco

Peace on earth hints page

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome 2013 fashion show !!

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊          
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊          
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊          
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ 
                                  WELCOME 2013
                                        with INNUENDO italian style
                                             and The Muse Poses
                                                  Tiny clothing : Muzi & Hippo
UEMA would like to invite you to there Graduation Fashion Show on Sunday 16 December 2012 @ 3pm. The Fashion Show Is appropriately titled Welcome 2013.

Welcome 2013 is not only a graduation show but also a fantasy show that brings you to the future and back brought to you by UEMA models and there inspiration. You will see Tiny's, fairy's and many more .... So sit back and enjoy. With thanks to our gracious sponsors Innuendo and the Muse poses to provide the clothing for our graduation students.
Muzo and Hippo are sponsoring our hamster outfits so come and check us out !!
After the show there will be an afterparty !!

 When ? Sunday 16 december @ 3 pm slt
 Where ? UEMA Welcome 2013 show

Attention !! we kindly ask you to remove all scripted objects and bring down your Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) and scripts as low as reasonably possible. Please follow the instructions very carefully. Put your view on midnight and your particles on to enjoy the best of the show. Please follow the instructions given during the show thank you !!
Thank you for your kind cooperation!

Where can u find our sponsors :
---> INNUENDO Italian Style
---> The Muse Poses
---> Muzi
---> Hippo


■ UEMA OWNERS violetcrush bravin & Anika Koenkamp
■ UEMA COO – BonieFacio Resident

Poe hunt ... Flow ...

The peace on earth hunt has so much designers in it and so much stuffs in it and since i needed some nice furniture in the house, these from fineshing touches just completed the house. With Xmas close by who doesn't like to have peace on earth?

Lately Flow came out with some new mesh items aswell and oh boy look at these sweatpants and u-neck shirt. I so love how they give you that sporty look, it almost is like they are brought rl in sl. To finesh the look i added some leather shoes white and black from dot-be fashion.

POE 115 - fineshing touches
*FT* Bentwood chair - Peace on earth
*FT* Boutique table texture chg - peace on earth
*FT* Saquare frames trio - peace on earth

Pants : flow . sweatpants drop-crotch skinny
T-shirt : flow . T-Shirt U-Neck Prints - FULLPACK Progress
Shoes : Dot-be fashion - leather shoes black/white

Innuendo ....

If you are looking for an outfit to take your lady out for a formal night out, this outfit from innuendo is just perfect for it. And there is just one great place you can go to KingsCrown Ballroom.

Outfit : Innuendo - *ARMAND* by Ciccia Bergamasco

Candy Cane hunt, advent calender, Yasum ...

We all know the entire grid is hunting and more hunting and more hunting ... well the candy cane hunt is not different, nice things to get and ofcourse vero modero is one of them. Always present for everyone. The advent Calender in 22769 is gifts the entire month of december get them nowww ... And yasum design brings always great mesh and new items out like these great boots.

Pants & Shirt : Vero Modero - VERO MODERO CANDY CANE HUNT
Boots : Yasum Design - Yasum*ROCK STEADY*TRACKING BOOTS (not free)

necklace : 22769 - 16 december snowflake necklace
hat : 22769 - 20 december fur hat
earwarmer : 22769 - cozy ear warmer

--->22769 store here
---> candycane hunt here

Advent calender 22769 and hunt

Like every year they put up a huge christmas tree in the 22769 store with giftboxes around: The 22769 Advent Calendar is back. On every day in December (and that day only) the parcel with the right number gives out the gift of the day.

The secret santa hunt also gives wonderfull prices out. Although the Far hunt group doesn't like my posts for other designers then there sponsors and fired me from there team i support every designer that likes me to blog for them. Im a blogger and model and i will show everyone what is out there. I will just not let me be restricted to one thing only.  And thats why i want to thank all that is supporting me and is reading my blog.

Socks - 22769 - 14 dec xmas cocks

Outfit : Vero Modero - secret santa hunt item-->more info - Secret santa hunt

Monday, December 10, 2012

[VCB] new men design & POE part 3

VCB design is know for the female outfits but recently got into men fashion, although the designs are usually only available on marketplace, its now also available inworld at Modexpo, a Discount Retail Outlet Center with many other designers and free items. This outfit is compleet mesh. The outfit is ideal for a walk, for skating, go dancing, ...  And if you are looking for some great things to put in your house or other designs go and do the Peace on Earth hunt.

outfit :  VCB - [ VCB ] Rex Hoodie & Jeans Outfit Black Mens (not free)
POE #92 - WINTERSUPERWONDERLAND - Half globe birdbath with animated doves

More info on the site : Peace on earth hunt

Poe hunt part 2 ...

The peace on earth has so many good designers in and one of the items is made by Dot-Be fashion. The mesh cardigan made for male and female sends out a message of peace in different languages.

Mesh open cardigan : Dot-Be Fashion : Dot-be POE huntgift #119
More hints and info on the site -- read here

POE hunt part 1 ...

The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talent designers, across a variety of communities, bringing them all together during this most festive season. There are sponsors who have generously donated their advertising and there is no fees charged to any involved.... i was dreaming away to this song ... Everytime i close my eyes ...

Outfit : **Wilson's  Designs for Men  - #65 POE hunt

More hints here : Peace on Earth hunt
Everytime i close my eyes .... listen here

The look ...

Walking around at the winter wishes market in the snow it made me think about a lot of things in life ... And with this outfit wow do i feel GOOD ... Yes im a man that dare's to wear pink. And before all of you panic, the shirt is tintable so you can give it all the colours you want. (not free)

Outfit : Hoorenbeek
Jacket : [h] Brooklyn Leather Jacket - Open - Black
Jeans : [h] Classic Jeans - mesh - Indigo
Shirt : [h] Shirt for jacket - half tucked (tintable) -- included in jacket !!
Boots : [gos] Triumph boots - Male

Accesoires : see blogpost

Want to look special? ...

If you want to have a piercing, nice jewels, nice hair, hairbase well i found it all ... you want to look special?
Jomo and phoebe is wow ... (not free)

Hairbase : Jomo - etched hair 15 C 
Necklace : Jomo - Necklace 03
Earrings : Phoebe &piercing and more: *p* Man Hoops Earring -
Hair : Madesigns hair - Zoki - silver tones VII

Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more : *P* Face Piercing ~ Serie M3 ~Silver~ Gem Colors 
~ Acid Lily Gallery ~
9 December - 16 December
Hair : RAW HOUSE :: Urban Savage 2 [Blacks]

Merry Xmas ...

With Xmas knocking on our doors, its time to decorate not only our homes but also yourself. And with these boxers of EB atelier you can not go wrong. Different size's to fit each shape... and ... its free in store !! And the winter wishes market has a lot of great items to decorate your home with.

Belly Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Belly Piercing M3 ~8 Metals/9 Gem Colors~ $75L
Boxer with bulge : EB Atelier - Holidays Mesh boxer red (This item will be until 10 January free (for hunt in the store !!)

RnB Sticks Christmas Trees --> WINTER WISHES MARKET  EXCLUSIVE GIFT - 0l$
WWM Exclusive RnB Christmas table decorations --> WINTER WISHES MARKET NEW EXCLUSIVES - 50l$
   10 December, 2012 - 7 January, 2013

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gabriel ...

Gabriel has so many outfits and with this look i wanted to create a casual look and still where i want to be able to go to a skatepark. The skatepark is just great and hey you have a skateboard included what has tricks in it.
This look was presented in one of the fashionshows i was in and was just perfect. (no free items)

Outfit : Gabriel - GB boots in cargo pants - GB shirred jacket
Hair : *ARGRACE* - *ARGRACE* Hunting very short
Nails & rings :+ROZOREGALIA+* :  +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*Ring&Nail/3(M) BOX
necklace : Phoebe piercing and more : *P* Bar Codes Necklace ~Man/Woman sizes~
Tattoo : !::Wicked Tattoos:: :  !::Wicked Tattoos::i - Revenge
Toothpick : KUBRIC FLUX - Toothpicks


Fatal look ...

Walking in a park today with Fatal Anthony Sweater and Deadmau jeans. This looks like i just came out of college to spend some time in a park.
To finesh this look,a nice backpack, a scarf and a flannel shirt around the waist. Someone looking for a date? smiles

Outfit : Fatal - Anthony sweater - deadmau jeans

Backpack : Eb Backpack - EB atelier backpack
Scarf : Inventory clearance - Docomo Muffler Burberry (only 5L)
Boots : Yasum design - Yasum*COMBAT BOOTS*unisex-leather pitch
Shirt around waist : ES Styleze - guys around the waist flannel shirt
Gloves : Delirium style : DS style Chris : gloves (part of complete outfit)
Hair : Wasabi pills - zack hair

* little note (no items free)

Vero Modero ...

The Altay Toupe mesh can give you a perfect couple look as this is also part of a couples outfit.This retro design is casual as well as it is classic. From the paisley pastel colored trousers to the toupe colored tank. Paired with this off white hooded jacket, yellow scarf  and cream driving gloves.
I added to the ensomble a tan travelers bag from yasum and tan suede trooper boots to complete the complete the look. Perfect for a walk in the park or along the beach. (not free)

Outfit : [VM] - Vero modero Altay Toupe Mesh
Hair : Emo-tions - *PATRICK* Black
Shoes : Yasum design - Yasum*MESH*Lady Travel Bag*creme
Bagg : Yasum design - Yasum*COMBAT BOOTS*unisex-JOGGER
Gloves : [1A] -  Devil's Finger gloves - naturalDevil's finger cream

Find your groupsgifts : (free)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The world of fashion ....

What can i say about the world of fashion?

There are many words that can be spoken about it positive or negative. Most of the people that go to fashion shows only see the models performing on stage and not whats happening behind it. They don't see how much work, money and time models, scriptwriters, designers, builders, coördinators, dj's, host ... put in a show.

As a Coordinator, builder, scripter and model i was so pleased that people did see my talent i had and that they wanted me in there management to help produce shows. But i just found out recently that i can not continue to work as a manager in one agency, because i'm also manager in UEMA. They seem to be scared that one person steals idea's from one agency to another etc ... I understand some of there visions, but some people need to understand that even when you are a model you are not restricted to one agency only.

Do they think you get idea's to put it into another agency? What about models that model in another agency and are manager in another or even owner in another agency? They can see a show idea they like and try to work with that, tell there manager and so ... they can listen to idea's what is circling around ... take idea's of how to coordinate a show, how to make notecards different, how to do new castings ... etc..

As a builder i build stages for different agency's,write showscripts for different agency's, help with walks, coordinate shows aswell ... does this mean i give half work because im also a manager in another agency? No, because that would mean that builders, scriptwriters, .. can only work for 1 person in the entire world of secondlife.

I work as a teacher in 3 different schools and that means im managing there aswell. I have to work with my boss to put the schoolparty's together, work music out, work stages out, work choreo out etc ... Everyone knows that schools are like modelagency's here, they are competition to eachother. Does this mean that you just give yourself to one school and the other you just grab idea's? I don't think so... Its like saying to an actor, "hey you can act in movies but only for this moviecompany". Its like saying to musicwriters for movie's, you can only write music for this company".

I take my SL job very serious and you will never catch me with an agency tag on my head unless im at the agency or modeling on stage. Because i think its just fair that all agency's get credit for there hard work. You all know im a designer of clothing aswell and that will be the tag i wear when i go out in public. I love every agency i worked for so far and if they ask me to help them in there management i always do help. Because each agency works different, i never have seen conflicts of intrests in any of it. That would mean i can not coordinate a show somewhere else, that means i can not build for another agency, write a script or even go and dj there ...
Do i harm anyone? i don't think so
Even as a designer i work together with other designers ...

This all makes me think in what a world we life in. People don't trust people, there is so much hate out there, jealousy, people are not willing to help eachother anymore scared of being used by them.
Its time that people would open there arms for eachother instead of making a distance and saying, when u quit there u can come here !

Next time students ask what is the best i can do to become a good model in sl. Keep your business to your own because they will use it against you !!! Is that the way we should live our SL? The real world is hypocrit enough don't you think? All that talking behind your backs and bullying ... i hope one day this all my stop and there is back love and peace in the world.

Until that i say .... hang on ... you've waited for so long ... for your place in the sun ... hang on !!
Listen to this song ..... Hang on - regi ft stan van samang

Dot-be Peace on earth huntgift !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

DS & 22769 advent calender

With Xmas awaiting to arrive, many are looking forward to get the first snow, gluhwein, hot chocolate, markets, ... 22769 is doing some great stuff for there customers. Like every year they put up a huge christmas tree in there store with giftboxes around: The 22769 Advent Calendar is back. On every day in December (and that day only) the parcel with the right number gives out the gift of the day. You can get clothing accessories, furniture, decorative elements, nicknacks all kind of things. 
And the new outfit from delirium style is just perfect, you can find several sweaters to choise from. I did pick the sweater girl for this and it was a nice day to visit the winter tent.

Outfit : Delirium Style : DS style - falling - sweater D-Style - Toca sweater Girl (beanie, mesh sweater, military boots, necklace, jeans)
Pose : [Expressive Poses]- JEFFREY 4

Decor : 22769 ~ Advent Calendar - 1st - 6th December - find the store here
(02 Dec) Winterframes
(04 Dec) decorative lantern black
(06 Dec) festive winter tent

New in Delirium style ...

When i listen to music ... the new outfit from delirium style screams casual and urban.  Like it always is with delirium style, this is a complete outfit even with an ipod. From head to your feet, you are dressed. If you are looking for great poses, expressive poses brings you cheap but great poses like the new release roger.

Outfit : Delirium style : Ds Shade - beanie - headphones - Mesh hooded t-shirt - leather pants - mp3 player - sweat bracelet
Pose : [Expressive Poses] - roger 7 (for only 120 linden you get 7 poses)