Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New at deliriumstyle ...

Delirium style brings out some great jeans outfits with mesh shirts for the fall and winter.

Ds talon : Jeans, mesh shirt, necklace and boots

Ds talon comes with a nice mesh shirt that gives you the casual great look with the perfect pants to match your outfit.
The stars on the pants in violet perfectly match the pink shirt.
The shirt is available in white, black, blue, grey, red, pink and superman.
I prefer the pink/purple colored one because it just gives you a better look then the plain colours.

Ds rick : ripped jeans, mesh half open shirt, boots with socks, necklace

Ds Rick a very rough looking outfit. The pants are ripped and look very good for urban city's. The black shirt has got a bikerstheme at the back and will make you look good in every rockclub there is.
The boots with the socks will keep you warm and your feet dry in the rainy days.

Ds Kim : jeans, mesh sweater and boots

Ds Kim, this oufit is a great casual outfit to go to the movies, theater, park, shopping or a daily job. The mesh sweater texture is so nicely done that this would be the shirt you would buy in rl. The pants and boots match just perfect with the outfit.

Are u ready for a walk in the parc or city?
I was ...

Location of the sims
(please do not disturb the roleplay going on and wear a tag that says you are a vistitor)
Pic 1 - 3
Pic 2

New at Madrid Solo & Dot-be fashion

Madrid Solo brings you fantastic make up. This is one of them. The silver lets your eyes sparkle while the red and silver black on the lips gives you the lips you so want to kiss. The excellent details of this make up makes it one that can be worn by male and female. I did wear it for halloween because of its excellent colors choise and fitting to my outfit.

The necklace is a new release by Dot-be fashion and only limited available in grey, black and black&white. Its easy to resize since there is a resize script in it. The shiny metal gives that great effect that you all been waiting for. Its an unique piece created by Boniefacio, for people that want something to different.

Make up : Madrid Solo : Madrid Solo-Raven's Flight
Necklace : Dot-Be fashion : Dot-be necklace Eros Black

Halloween party, gifts ...

Uema is going to have her first halloween party saterday 3 november at 2pm SLT. Dot-be fashion is going to give gifts to all that is present and there will be prices handed outfit for the best costume.
Sponsors for the evening are Dot-be fashion,Moondance boutique and VCB. The decor at the party is provided by the great groupsgift of Yasum designs.
  • Dj's of the night will be ... Dj Kathrin & Dj Boniefacio
  • 2-5pm slt
  • location UEMA party and gift (available on 3 nove at 2pm until 5pm slt)
  • location gift after party at Mode expo (available on 3 nov after 5pm slt until 24 nov !!)

Everyone is welcome ...

mark this day in your agenda and have a great party !!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tolerance and more ..

"Tolerance is the only way"Fundraising events on behalf of Tolerance, Equality and Respect.
This wonderfull event brings designers from all over the grid together to show there best designs.
Outfit :

Jewels : Chop Zuey Couture jewellery - Gentle insanities (bracelet, shield, earrings, eyepiece)
Nails : Moondance Boutique - Male Diamond Stilleto's
Make up : Madrid Solo : Venom (june group gift)
Pants : BIOMECHANOID - Biomechanoid pants
Shoes : ::: Shelly Laufer : ::: Shelly Laufer Men's Leather Boots [AG Silver] :::

Monday, October 29, 2012

Flow ...

Even though summer is far off. We like to have some sunshine. The southern part of the world is getting summer so this release from flow fits right in. The mesh shirt has a colour and texture hud so its easy to get your own tast of shirt. The mesh swimtrunks are available in 15 different color/designs. A perfect outfit to go surfing while the bucket hat protects you from the sun.

Outfit : Flow
      Swimtrunks (mesh)
      T-shirts embau (mesh)
      Bucket Hat

Surfboard with stand free - Mystical Desires (mod/copy)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Showtime ...

Uema presents 2 shows this weekend.

Dot-be & Moondance Boutique show and the MEB show.

Art and Fashion in one unique and innovative location. Changing form Avant Garde, to casual, to formal within a snap. You wont find anything like this anywhere else on the grid. Dot Be carries fashions for both Men and Women, that accentuate any mood or artistic vision that you may have in mind.

Your home for beautiful and timeless nails. Specializing in classic, designs as well as fresh new designs and styles that you have not seen in world before.
The nails are Menu driven and you have a wide array of designs or colors to choose from. 6 lengths available and an unheard of 5 length styles available, the most lengths available in secondlife from one nail stylist.

MEB  Fashion, by MariaElena Barbosa, is a fashion brand inspired to the more refined urban Italian style. Its motto is 'Real Style in Second Life'. Its own inspiration goes from casual to urban style to evening outfits. MEB creates clothes which challenges the excessive veils and other artifices present in many SL clothes, going towards the wearable sobriety of the classic and sport lines with surprising spots of graceful fantasy.   Wearable collections both in daily events and in glamorous ones in Second Life.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Delirium Style Dante ...

Delirium style released the past weeks a few great outfits. One of it is Dante. The camel colour pants fits perfect with the mesh shirt. Yes i did feel like superman. The jewels provided by Phoebe piercing and more can easly fit on a male avatar aswell, you can make it larger or smaller with a simple click.

Outfit : Delirium Style : Ds Dante
Jewels : Phoebe piercing & more : *P* Laia Set ~Black & Colors~

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween !!!

Uema is going to have her first halloween party saterday 3 november at 2pm SLT. Dot-be fashion is going to give gifts to all that is present and there will be prices handed outfit for the best costume.
Sponsors for the evening are Dot-be fashionMoondance boutique and VCB. The decor at the party is provided by the great groupsgift of Yasum designs.

  • Dj's of the night will be ... Dj Kathrin & Dj Boniefacio
  • 2-5pm slt
  • location UEMA (LM 2 days before the party)
Everyone is welcome ...
mark this day in your agenda and have a great party !!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vero modero show ...

VERO MODERO is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs and markets women's and men's designer collection apparel and a range of other products. VERO MODERO offers a wide range of sophisticated casual and formal clothes for a broad spectrum of men and women, ranging from basic to styling pieces and skin designs.
Bouquet Babii, owner and designer of Vero Modero, Her designs are casual, practical and comfortable with some urban sophistication. They are made for stylish men and women in Second Life. The Istanbul native has a real life background in graphic design, which has helped her immensely in her SL design work.  She truly enjoys creating “everything” from photos to art to poetry. When it comes to SL however she enjoys making men’s and women’s clothing both formal and casual, her skins and shape and can go from basic casual styles to Goth.
Together with her creative designer Azull Ash, she created this fabulous designs ...

Your limo --> Vero Modero Show

Friday, October 19, 2012

New in delirium style ...

Delirium style goes into fall fashion. The new outfit CJ includes : mesh jacket, belt, pants, boots, scarf, gloves and necklace.

Soon at madrid solo ...

Madrid solo makes such great fantasy make up ... the next one will be in store soon.

New at Yasum Designs

We all know that Azlyn makes really great mesh. And the next outfit is unisex and so great. If you just see how realistic the pants and sweater are u can only imagine what else she got in store for you.
The jeans come in 4 different colours (hippi, dirt, cream,denim). The sweater called big jump is available in blood, vintage, grandpa, flower, cocoa, tartan and pitch. And atm for only 99L a piece !! Just a must have in your closet !!

Outfit : Yasum design : Denim Jeans - Vintage big jump

New at Dot-Be Fashion ...

The new fall and winter collection of dot-Be Fashion will soon be in store after the fashion show 27 october.  This new outfit called Luigi is already in store available. This is a almost complete outfit. Mesh pants, Mesh jacket with headphones shirt, scarf and hat all ready and set for the coming winter !!

Dot-Be - Outfit Luigi

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend sale at Dot-Be Fashion

Until 7pm slt sunday then the weekend sale is over. The entire shop is having sales... If you want to have that dress, those pants or jacket its now or never !!

Friday, October 12, 2012

After fall winter calls ....

I did take a walk in a beautiful sim where u can find snowhuts and more. Ofcourse made me instantly think about the winter, the cold snow and all the warm clothing and nice fire.

Boots : Aidoru : "Himalaya" boot for men
glasses : Aidoru : "AIDORU charmant pince-nez
Outfit : FREE!!
Alpha male : Alphamale - Jeans III - Black/blue/brown
                      Alphamale - Knitted sweather - Beige -

October hunts and more

In october there are alot of hunts going on gridwide ... but also some great free stuff and new items ...


Outfit : 22769 - [homme] chefron and slipon (THE CASE OF PRAYING MARY HUNT gift)
Halloween is on our doors and the first creepy hunts hit 22769 ~ casual couture. The Case Of Praying Mary Hunt makes the start. This hunt is different, because you need a HUD for this one. And it is more an interactive story with riddles you have to solve until you finally get to the final destination to receive your award.
Learn all about this special adventure here:

Shoes : Latreia - skat plaid (not free)
Hair : AmacciAmacci Hair seth night pumpkin (Halloween gift !!)
Make up : face paint - long shadows
Piercing : Phoebe piercing & more - Spider mouth piercing
              <<< Bangles, Bobbles and Bones Hunt >>> $0L (unisex)
                            October 1 - October 31
              Hint: See hint giver (mainstore entrance)

New items ...

Fall is in the world and there are some great new items in Delirium style, Amacci and face paint ...

HairAMACCI - Seth

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fashion show at Charltina's ...

Charltina's is honored to invite you to our Dancing into Fall Fashion Show on Friday October 12, 2012 at 12 Noon SLT.
The show is filled with love and we hope to have the honor of your presence.

You will need to get an invite to the land group to come to the show. Due to security risks, we will have our land closed off for this show.Please get your tickets now by reserving your seat by contacting: Lady Aradia Mistwood for tickets.

And ... i'm one of the models ....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hunt & Freebies

Hair : Amacci - Amacci Free Hair and scarf ~ Morgan (Jet Black)
Shirt : SZD - SZD: Gently Mad ( Man Outfit ) (not free)
Shoes : Gabriel - GB Driving shoes/brown
Jeans / belt / buckle - *Connors* -  *Connors* Halloween Gifts : 2012 Oct.01 - 2012 Oct.30

There are 6 small piggies who has witch hat in somewhere at the CONNORS store.  Let's try to find them out and get some MESH JEANS and MESH LEATHER BELTS and MESH BUCKLES!
These piggies are wearing a witch hat with 2 colors of the moon. Blue is for mens. Pink is for ladies. There are 3 types in each colors. Don't forget to get 3 of them. If not, you can not get perfect Jeans style.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

.:: Designer Circle ::.

If you are looking for good deal on stuff like piercing and sometimes mens clothing you will find it at the designer circle. These facepiercing is available for only 75L and got 5 different textures to choise from.

Face piercing : Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ - *P* Unisex Face Piercing ~ Serie K7 ~ 5 Metals 1
               --> at designers circle
Bloodlips : *elymode* -  *elymode* lips-dripping-blood tattoo

Tricksters Halloween Hunt ...

Vero Modero is joining the Tricksters Halloween Hunt. The textures on the shirt, the pants and the cape are wonderfull.

Vero Modero - hunt gift

More info about the hunt :
Tricksters Halloween Hunt
dates Oct 10th-Oct 29th
HINT i am not sure if i am ready to take the plunge

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Mesh At BUFU

Bufu ... brings really quality mesh. These skinny pants really look great and you can match it with t-shirts, hoodies and cardigan from the same designer.

Pants : ::[BuFu]:: -  ::[BuFu]::Prod0.7_Mesh_Jeans_Skinny_Powerful / BLACK
Hoodie :::[BuFu]:: -  [BuFu]Prod0.7_MESH_Sweat_Hooded_EAGLES & PIGEONS
Cardigan : ::[BuFu]::  - [BuFu]Prod0.7_Mesh_Cardigan_Sweater_FASHION BLUE :