Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clubwear ... modeling

If you like to model and you want to do shows then you have to do castings, learn to become a model, learn how to handle cue's, stress, lagg etc... I don't know if you all know, but im a model trainer at UEMA academy and trying to teach others how i feel modelling and how they could become a great model themselfs.

Modelling is a very hard and expensive business. Not often you get paid to model for shows but the exprience, the trills, the ambiance, the great designs and the many co-models make it all just great. Everytime your styling skills are tested. U can't sit still in the modelindustry always keep moving and keep up with the fashion in rl. If you want to learn more u can always join me in class, Im me or stop by in the UEMA academy to get more information.

For this clubwear outfit i did choise the great designs of K!ng. When i was partying in Beachwood all eyes were on me, i can assure you with this look you look hot & cool. A great surplus the shirt and the belt are colour changeable. I did prefer red because its one of my favorit colors. To finesh the outfit i matched my laces to the black of the pants and the rings of my sneakers to the red of the belt. The black and white camo print of the shoes made it just great. The sneakers come with a texture and recolor hud so you can change the look of the sneakers easy.

Hair : *Coma* Varsity Hair - BW 2 Black
Bracelet : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Spikes Leather Bracelet - Goth Cross
Shirt : K!ng - K!ng Half-shirt
Pants : K!ng - K!ng Street style jeans 02 *DEEJAY*
Sneakers : Dot-Be - Dot-Be sneakers Camo

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