Monday, June 11, 2012

Groupsgift D-Style, MM at PeKas, Soccer crazyness at Dot-BE

Well this is alot for 1 blog but it is all free or just for 10L.
Delirium Style is going to send out each month a groupgift for there customers. And ofcourse every week there are 2 new Midnight Mania boards at PeKaS Designs.

Picture 1 : Delirium Style : D-Style Ken (groupsgift) - full outfit

Picture 2 : Dot-BE Fashion : Dot-Be Espana Tank Top - 10L (mesh)
--> other country flags will be created on demand, if you want your countryflag on your shirt send a notecard or im to Boniefacio Resident

Picture 3 : PeKaS Design : PeKaS Wolfenstein (Midnight Mania) - (full outfit but no shoes)

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