Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summervacation hunt ... 4th july

Soon its the 4th of july a big event in the USA, several store's made different stuff for this occasion ... one of them is in the summervacation hunt ...

Big Picture :
Outfit : LB Design Male - Pants and shirt  #36
4th July Tableware set and picnic table : GALLERIA Designs : 5 animations in the seats
Little picture
shirt : Dot-BE Fashion : USA shirt (20L)

K!ng and more ...

If you are looking for that special outfit ... something that gives you that erotic look ... visit K!NG store inworld or on the marketplace and get yourself that look ...

Outfit :
Shirt : K!ng : Adamo Gothic Shirt - comes with shirt, straps, straps no jewels, top
Pants : K!ng : Erotika Leather Pants - comes with pants and shorts and color changer for the upper part of the pants with or without penis
Boots : Rfyre : Absolom mens short biker Boot Black

Hair : MADesigns : MADesigns HAIR ~ FURY ~Silver Tones
Make-up : Madrid Solo : Madrid Solo Distant Cousin
Lipstick : Oceane Body Design : Jade Lipstick Black Silver stripe

Summer vacation hunt ....

Relaxing on this great summerdeck ... the summer vacation hunt more then clothing alone ...

Relaxationdeck : Club Escapades and Ocean Getaways : Relaxationdeck with 11 animations :
OutfitPepu : summervacation gifts #26 Outfit with Chalet - Pants, tank, slipper and gloves
Bracelet : The jewellery exchange - Sun worshipper - male bracelet #30

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New at Pekas and Latreia

New at deliriumstyle and Summervacation hunt

Delirium style brought a new male outfit called blade and these 2 beachchairs that can be found on the summervacation hunt are just perfect. With 10 single poses and 3 couple sex poses a must have.

Outfit : Delirium Style : D-style Blade (not free)
Summer Lovin chairs : Seductive Designs - Summer Loving'Purple and Green

Summer Vacation Hunt : start place --> more info
Hey, where is the hunt prim??? Why is there just this box of LMs?? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!? There will be no hunt prim ... based on the hint, hunters you can look for that item ... and get it for only 3L !!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Who's your daddy hunt and MM PeKaS

There are a lot of hunts going on and one of them is the "Who's your daddy hunt" ... and its the time of the week that PeKaS released the new Midnight Mania boards ... get your friends and click click click ...

Outfit Left : Vero Modero : Jeans - white shirt - grey shirt --> hunt gift
                              When: June 7 - June 21
                              Site: Who's Your Daddy Hunt: Official Blog

Outfit right : PeKaS : Pekas My guns : jeans, tanktop and scarf --> Midnight Mania Board

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summervacation Hunt ...

Yay ... its summertimeeee .... are u ready for the beach?
When i was walking down the beach i did see some stuff i could do ... i builded a sandcastle and i while i was sunbathing next to my castle, i did see a raft. I did take the raft and took off to a wonderfull offsim island...

Picture topleft :
Picture topright :
Picture bottomleft :
Picture bottomright :
  • Tropical Island : Ancient & Modern : tropical islands : These islands are for those of you who want to vacation at home for whatever reason.  So your own little tropical island!  One island is for off sim, one with water edging for own land use only and one without water edging for own land use only and the towls contain different animations
Summer Vacation Hunt : start place --> more info
Hey, where is the hunt prim??? Why is there just this box of LMs?? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!? There will be no hunt prim ... based on the hint, hunters you can look for that item ... and get it for only 3L !!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MHOH7 .... from sports to space ..

From sports to space ... only a little step in the MHOH7..

OutfitBMC - BMC - Sport #20 -

Outfit- Red Devil Inc.- [Red Devil Inc] Devastating Black #39
eyepatch*Air*  - *Air*_Corsair for MHOH7_CM* #40
Boots : << PURE >> Pure Shoes - Tom in Black (pack) #35

MHOH7 ... and Delirium Style

Delirium Style got his 50% discount atm so hurry up and get your items. Never say pink is not for guys, look on how perfect the boots match the outfit !!

Outfit :
Shirt left : NINIGHT CREATIONS - ..:: NN ::.. Mesh Men's Slim T-shirt 10 (box) - #74
Shirt right : G-series* - Mesh shirt Male - #23
Pants : [BuFu]Production - [BuFu] Prod**BAGGY_Soreal_SLIM / Sungle Faded - #63
Boots : Delirium Style : D-style Summerboots Pink / white (50% discount)

Pose : Focus Poses : Focus poses casual men_8 - #51

MHOH7 ... we go ... to ... Japan

If you ever wanted to try on a kimono this outfit is great. I went to samurai island to meditate in the lovely garden there and with this outfit it all felt just right.

Outfit : Tomoto : Tomoto mhoh Yukata - #24
Pose : Focus Poses : Focus poses casual men_6 - #51

MHOH7 ... some great items

The Make Him Over Hunt VII ... wow what a hunt 75 stores with some great items. U see men there is some great fashion for you out there... u just have to find the right store for you.

Outfit left picture:

Shirt : Epicosity : {EPIC} Derp Jacket - Pewter - #73
Pants : Dot-BE Fashion : Dot-BE Black Pants Pockets - 25L
Boots : MUISM - *Muism* Troy Boots brown - #37
Pose : Focus Poses : Focus poses casual men_3 #51
Outfit right picture:
Shirt : HEDO - Canottiera Rock White - #67
Jacket : *Just BECAUSE* - *JB* Navy Blazer - jacket - #8
Pants : Reila skins & Fashion - Reila Skins - Baggy Jeans - #19
Shoes : Dot-BE Fashion - Dot-BE cubism sneakers B&W
Pose : Focus Poses : Focus poses casual men_1 - #51

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Midnight Mania At PeKaS

The week just started and there are 2 new Midnight Mania Boards at PeKaS Designs ... I just did pick one but every week there are 2 new boards for men and 2 for female. Get your friends to click click click ...

Outfit : PeKaS Designs : PeKaS Hell

MHOH7 .... Phoebe's new release

The Make Him Over Hunt is still going on until 19july and there is alot of nice and great stuff outthere, from some great designers. People might ask, how do you get the haircolour? Well its easy if you know how to adjust and edit stuff.
A few steps :
  • Go to your inventory and click worn and search for you hair/item
  • Right click on the name and choice Edit
  • A editscreen will pop up and u go to textures
  • choise color and then just browse through the colors to change your haircolour
I hope i could help you in anyway, be aware this only works when your item is modify. When your item is no copy, please make a copy first so if you mess up the item you always have the original.

Boniefacio R.

Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more : *P* Unisex Face Piercings ~Serie Z1~ NEW RELEASE (not free)
Necklace : K!NG : -K!NG- Steel Necklace - #25
Tattoo : Tattoo Art - Lotus Soft 2 - #70
Pants : INK NO.8 MESHFACTORY : *Dungarees*Pants* Ink. No.8*Factory - #44
Shoes : Latreia : Latreia - Sive Blackbrown L - #38

MHOH7 - summervacation hunt

What can u expect from the Make him over hunt 7 and the summervacation hunt ....

Skin : Akeruka : Akeruka nando full tan (MHOII Exclusive) #60
Hair : Uw.St - - Gift Hair MHOH7 limited ash rose (i changed the colour) - #4 -
Glasses : Kumaki Glasses Style : K_gs Facts Shade/MHOH7 - #3 -
Piercing : Phoebe Piercing and more - *P* Unisex Face Piercings ~NEW GROUP GIFT~ Facial piercing Z2 - 8 textures

Shirt : Wyldflower - MEN'S -Summer Vacation T-Shirt (no transfer) 2 - Summer vacation hunt
Pants : Redgrave - Mesh Boardershorts by ASHBYS for REDGRAVE - #9
POSE : [Expressive Poses] - Blade - BLADESOUL 3

More info about the hunts :
  1. Make Him over Hunt 7 - 15 june - 15 july
  2. Summervacation hunt - 1 july -31 july

Sunday, June 17, 2012

MHOH 7 .... Are u ready to hunt ???

Yes men, its "the time", hunting season .... more information about the Make him over hunt VII you find here and you can join the group here ...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

22769 ... groupsgifts and new mesh

I went relaxing after the mister virtual world competition and got myself some nice groupsgifts ... enjoying the sunlight and dreaming of my future challenges ...

Outfit :
Shoes : 22769 - groupgift to the beach - 22769 - beachwalker
Pants : 22769 - 22769 - [homme] slimcut jeans true blue (NEW not free)
Shirt : 22769 - Casual couture groupgift march 2012 - Sailor shirt

Accesoires :
Phoebe Piercing & More : Bangles gift and Bar codes necklace (blogged before)

MrVW 2012

Hello all,

Yes, the journey has come to an end ... today we had the final and the winner was .... World Undercroft.. MrVW UK, congrats to everyone that was in the final.

I had an amazing month with some doubts about modelling and im not sure where i will end up next. I like to share with you all my pics and well a positive thing that happend was the birth of my fashionshop Dot-BE Fashion.

I would like to thank all that supported me in this journey. I will be writting soon what the MrVW competition was all about ... keep posted and oh don't forget check the shop out ...

MrVW Belgium 2012
Boniefacio Resident

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dot-Be fashion and Mercury hunt ...

I went for a walk in "Brussels grand place" with my ipod and tunes on ...

Outfit : (not free)
  Shirt : Dot-BE : Dot-BE outfit Bonie
  Pants : Dot-BE :  outfit Black leather
  Gloves : Delirium Style : D-Style Jonathan

Accesoires :
 .:K&B:. Katitudes and Boneisms : Kpod Kiss - Hotter Than Hell and Kpod Headphones
- ->  Mercury hunt item !!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New at PeKaS and Mercury rising hunt ...

New mesh releases at PeKaS ... and don't forget the do the Mercury Rising Hunt, alot of stuff there ...

Outfit : PeKaS

Top left : Pekas Andre             Center : Pekas Urban Brad       Top Right : Pekas Urban Owl
Bottom left : Pekas Joey                                                            Bottom Left : Pekas Joshep

Accesoires  : Piddler's Perch - [PP] Redneck Fishin' Hole, Chairs, Cooler & Pole [Vendor]
The chair has 7 different animations in it !!
->>Mercury Rising Hunt
June 1 - June 30
Website -

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dot-BE Fashion NEW and in PROMO's

I made some new items that are in a limited promo at this moment. Hurry up this promo is just limited for 100L !!!! - Dot-BE Fashion

This outfit : Hot pants white/stripped mesh blouse black on the back
This outfit : Pants with bulge/shirt/mesh jacket

Monday, June 11, 2012

Groupsgift D-Style, MM at PeKas, Soccer crazyness at Dot-BE

Well this is alot for 1 blog but it is all free or just for 10L.
Delirium Style is going to send out each month a groupgift for there customers. And ofcourse every week there are 2 new Midnight Mania boards at PeKaS Designs.

Picture 1 : Delirium Style : D-Style Ken (groupsgift) - full outfit

Picture 2 : Dot-BE Fashion : Dot-Be Espana Tank Top - 10L (mesh)
--> other country flags will be created on demand, if you want your countryflag on your shirt send a notecard or im to Boniefacio Resident

Picture 3 : PeKaS Design : PeKaS Wolfenstein (Midnight Mania) - (full outfit but no shoes)

Friday, June 8, 2012

New outfit at Delirium style !!

D-Style brought a new male outfit out, together with some accesoires of Phoebe's this outfit looks really great en with the great fireplace for the mercury hunt just so great.

Outfit : Pants/ shirt (2 colours) / shoes / scarfs
-->>> NEW Delirium Style : D-style - Raseri

Accesoires : Earrings : Phoebe piercing & More : *P* Man hoops Earrings
Piercing : Phoebe piercing & More*P* Facial Piercing from the Men Only hunt
Fireplace : Ginger's Outdoor and Prefabs- Mercury rising hunt gift

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hunts... hunts ... hunts ....

Yes its hunting season, nooo you don't need a riffle. You just need your vision and cam skills.
Chest piercing: Phoebe Piercing & More : *P* Chest Piercing K1 ~Black~ Man
-> The accesoiry hunt gift more info at the store
Tattoo : Godess fantasies: Goddess Fantasies Mercury Rising Hunt gift (M) - $5L
Bracelets : Earth Nirvana : Earth's Bangles - $5L
fireplace in the background : PDN Potpourri's : mercury rising fire pit : animations in the pillow also couple animations.

->>Mercury Rising Hunt
June 1 - June 30
Website -

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dot-Be .... free gift

Yay .... the shop just opened and we are listed on the marketplace... feel free to pick up your free gift at the store

Outfit : Dot-BE : camo pants / grey tribal tanktop / boots -->> free gift

Monday, June 4, 2012

Midnight Mania at PeKaS ....

The new midnight mania boards for this week are ready at PeKaS for u to hit it ...

Outfit : PeKaS Design  : PeKaS Guideon green

Dot-Be ...

Finaly ... yes Dot-Be is born. And for the first 20 im's/notecard i will give this full outfit for 100L. So thats 20 for the colour version and 20 for the black & White Outfit.

Full outfit :Pants/shirts/shoes

Pants : Dot-Be : Dot-Be Cubism mesh pants
Shirt : Dot-Be : Dot-Be Cubism mesh V-neck shirt
Sneakers : Dot-Be : Dot-Be Cubism sneakers
Pose : Meli Imako : Full Perm Poses Set V.1

Mesh made by Meli Imako

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Delirium Style new outfit ....

Did you all checked the new Delirium style outfit? ... and don't forget to go to phoebe's for 2 nice gifts.

Outfit : Delirium Style : D-Style SuperMassive (not free)
Bracelet : Phoebe Piercing & More : *P* Bangles Gift ~15 different~ (mainst)
Lippiercing : Phoebe Piercing & More : *P* Lip rings

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mister Virtual World ...

Hello all,

As you all know or don't know yet ... im taking part at the competion of Mister Virtual World. Im respresenting my beautifull country Belgium.

The first challenges are already behind me and i usually don't say much or don't talk much about how i feel but i got to say ... yes i feel the creative boosts coming in me again. I stopped my painting and sculpting in rl long time ago when i stopped at the art academy. But the last challenges of Mister Virtual World made something loose in me again. You will probaly say what are u talking about .... guess what fashion. lol and yes ... i know there are alot of fashion designers in sl ... and thats an understatement.
I love to make new designs, new accesoires, making something that others don't have ... and well yes ... i got to share this one with yall. Yes ... its me and ok let me explain what i am wearing.

Hair : Madesign
Make up : Madrid Solo - Picasso cubism .. custom made (im not that well in making make up yet)
Pants : Dot BE - Own design .. based on Piet Mondriaan
Shoes : Dot BE - Own design ... based on the cubism heel of Carolina egman with a touch of Piet Mondriaan

The attachements : 
upperbody/lowerbody : Dot BE - own design created out of a movie called "Aelita (1924)"
earrings : Dot BE - own design based on Piet Mondriaan
Monocle : Solidea Folie's

Yes ... i will be going to make more shirts, pants and even complete outfits ... im figuring out a 3D program atm to make my own mesh ... and im hoping to find someone where i can work with. 

My fashion brand will be called "Dot BE" ... referring to Belgium ofcourse ... i will keep you all posted ... if intressted in the pants or shoes let me know inworld.

Special thankx to Charlieza for the nice picture and Madrid Solo for making my make up i so wanted.

Friday, June 1, 2012

PeKaS new release

I was in my house waiting for my girlfriend to get home ... all i could think was how much i missed her ... dreaming of the moment she finaly can be my wife ...

Outfit : PeKaS - PeKaS Urban February man