Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PeKas and MOH2 ...

If you go and take a look around you can find some great stuff, like this groupsgift from PeKas that is a  complete outfit with backpack and some items from the Men Only Hunt 2.  After i packed all my stuff i went to look around for a Belgium city and i found Brussels. If you all have a chance go and visit this place, it looks almost identical as Brussel Grand Place.

Pants-shirt-backpack : PeKaS - Pekas Dhariel : groupsgift may 

Glasses : Motionless Vibrants Spectacle : Lenses (MOH2)
Shoes : Retro - Retro slips (MOH2)
Necklace : Beloved Jewelry  : Beloved Jewelry : Fashion Necklace-Gold, Aquamarine, Sapphire ---->>>> only this week for 35L !!

LOCATION : Brussel City more info about the creator and how it is made can be found here 
MOH2 : offical blog

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