Thursday, May 24, 2012

MOH2 ... one of my last previews

Yes ... many designers sended alot of stuff, great stuff ... i tried to give you all a preview of what is about to come... I hope you all enjoyed my blogging about the hunt and i wish you happy hunting.

Shirt  left: [sYs] : [sYs] HESIOD - shirt M (snake)
Shirt right: Le Forme : [LF] meme Tank
Pants : N-creation : N-creation corr jeans lime
Shoes : Aidoru : Aidoru Italian Style Loafers for men (not free)

Accesoires : Belt : Phoebe Piercing and more :*P* The Pentacle ~ Belt ~ (not free)

POSE ADAN 4/7 : outfit picture
POSE ADAN 3 - shoes
POSE ADAN 1 : belt

Men only Hunt 2 : This hunt starts May 26th, for 2 weeks only!

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