Sunday, May 20, 2012

MOH2 ... another preview

Well guys what can i say ... the MOH2 gives you so much to combine and to get dressed that the list is almost endless. In between the stress of Mister Virtual World auditions today at 10am slt i made this outfit and went to relax a bit...

Outfit :Shorts : ::7Style:: :  ::7Style::-Jeans shorts- (Mesh) Black
Shirt : TattooArt : TattooArt MOH2 Hunt Item
Shoes : :.Envious : : .Envious Hunt Gift.: Hypnosis  part of a full outfit

Accesoires :
Sunglasses : SZD !-Bag- :SZD: Sunglasses ( Group Gift )
Bracelets : Chaos, Panic, & Disorder : *:CPD:*: Big Kahuna Set  (Unpack Me)
Piercing : HollyWeird : .HW. Splash -Unisex Facial Piercing

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