Sunday, June 30, 2013

Look of the day ... Moose, Exile, Posesion

Who is not addicted to his country? I am, like everyone might knows im from Belgium and Moose released some great pants ... different country's are ... Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, japan, Spain and Sweden. I added the new bumblebee shirts from moose to complete the look. And for the pose addicted people go very quick to posesion, its a pose sale for only 66L$ you get 66 poses !!

Outfit :
Shirt : Moose Clothing - BumbleBee White Cute Couple Shirt 
Pants : Moose Clothing National Belgium Jeans
Hair : ::Exile:: Broken Strings: Blacks 
Pose : Posesion low price pose 44 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Look of the day ... flow & Cybergem

Summertime here i come ... Are u ready for the summer? Are u ready to shine outthere?? With these unique mesh boardshorts from flow made of liquid mesh you rock your summer. And the fatpack comes in different colours and ... the second pants you see is controlable with a hud !

Necklace : Cybergem[CGJ] Draco Necklace
pants : flow . MF1 Boardshort 13 - liquid size

Friday, June 28, 2013

Look of the day .... Moose, Legal Insanity, Salon De Glow, Posesion

A walk to the beach, doing some exploring, this is just the perfect outfit. With the summer coming everyone needs so time to relax.

pants : ::Moose Exclusive Blue Jeans :: white paint
shirts : ::Moose:: Loose T Shirt Black Music is life
glasses : Legal Insanity - Superstar aviators black summer -
Hair : Salon de GLOW -TUNA02- (2011 summer Ver)(Blacks - Ash) 
Pose : posesion - walk him

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-be

The new male outfit Tobio is in store.  The outfit contains a mesh pants with boxer (26 colours), a mesh shirt (11 textures) and mesh biker vest (4 textures) all are controlable with a hud !

The Tobio outfit is available in white pants, black pants, Black grunge jeans and Blue grunge jeans version.

Outfit : Dot-Be Tobio White pants

Monday, June 24, 2013

Look of the day ... New Skinny pants in store !!

Lots of people asked if the skinny pants were available in store and now they are. I just placed them in store and i hope you all will like them. They fit with almost all shirt, jackets... Enjoy it and if you have a suggestion about a pants you would like ... send a notecard in the mailbox in the store. Dot-be Fashion will not only give you the choise of buying full outfits but also single items. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Look of they day ... Razor, not so bad, harbor, Posesion

Are u  ready for the summer ... I found this great blazer with t-shirt and cargo pants. Just a perfect look to go for a drink.
Are u ready for your date?

Outfit :
pants : Razor /// Baggy Cargo Faders w/ HUD - 
blazer : not so bad . mesh . DEAN blazer . moka 
Pose :  Posesion June gift male

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-be New Gothly jacket

NEW limited edition only 20 available !!!
This special designed new jacket is released today. 
Female version will be released tomorrow !!

GET IT now before its to late ...

The pants will be in store later today ...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Look of the day ... Delirium style, Angel of metal, Latreia

If you like a good place to hang out, go to the voodoo bayou and enjoy the tunes. With this outfit you will certainly stand out. Have fun !!

jacket + shirt : .:Angel of Metal:. Slipknot Jacket 
Pants : D-Style - Lupin Unisex City Jeans Painted Almost Black 
shoes : Latreia- Matthew Black 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Look of the day ... Champagne and inpose

Champagne Sparkling couture always brings out new stuff. The new suit Gatsby gives you just that classy look and its now in store !!

POSE : in-pose Pjay 10 - inpose 
Outfit : Champagne sparkling couture - (C)GATSBY Ivory

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Look of the day ... Legal Insanity, Latreia, Motivaction, Kosh, Posesion

Summer is coming and well we all need the perfect outfit.  Legal Insanity brings out some new pants and sunglasses, while Motivaction released some great shirts that are controlable with a hud. 

Shirt : Motivaction  ~~[M] Relaxed Shirt *FATPACK * - 
Pants : Legal Insanity - hefunky bermuda shorts Cold colors 
Shoes : Latreia- Mathias Tan
Bracelt :Kosh - multiplex bracelt ONLY 1L$
Glasses : Legal Insanity - Sheldon sunglasses - funky 
pose : Posesion - giz 7

Monday, June 17, 2013

50% sale and new groupsgift at dot-be

ON SALE for only 100L UNTIL 30 JUNE after that the outfits are gone! So grab them before its to late !!
Don't Forget to pick up the new groupsgift (join fee!!)

Male outfits : Ernesto, Edward, Del Piero

Female outfits : Karen,Elena, Phaedra

--> Where : Dot-BE shop

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-Be Fashion, Charltina's

Dot-Be Fashion is releasing new outfits that are going to be in the Charltina's Carribean show. One of them is Egidio and is available in store atm.

Right now u can explore Charltina’s Fashion District at Charltina’s and Balladeer’s Retreat which is open for one and all to visit and enjoy the nice Caribbean style decorated sim to get a good taste of what will be up on the runway.  

The fashionshow? june 17 at 3pm slt and june 22 at 3pm slt. 
Where? Charltina's Carribean show

Look of the day ...Delirium Style, Moose, Wicked tattoo's, Phoebe piercing and more, Dieselworks

Wondering where my life will bring me, i did take the train and went to explore ... 

Outfit :
Pants : Delirium style - D-Style - Relaxed Pants 01
Tanktop :Moose ::Moose:: Swagger Tank blblblblbl 
Tattoo : Wicked tattoos !::Wicked Tattoos::i - Revenge -
Bracelets : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Gothika Unisex Bracelets 1 & 2 -

POSE : Dieselworks - dieselworks alagan 4

Friday, June 7, 2013

Look of the day .... Sys, madesigns, Posesion

Boniefacio to earth .... can i come and visit ? Sys design has some great designs and one of them is these. Dare to be different ... dare to show you know fashion ...

outfit :
pants - [sYs] Atria 
Jacket - [sYs] MORPHEO - jacket male
Sunglases - [sYs] PANTHER - sunglasses (color HUD)
Chin jewel - [sYs] PERSIA Rave - chin jewel 
Skin - [sYs] OMEGA Male Skin (Pale) - black HB
boots - [sYs] DOOM (Black) boots 
make up - [sYs] RAVEN make up (male) - black-white v. 
Hair : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TERA ~ Black

pose : posesion - Phoenyx 5 mirror

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-BE Fashion

The fashioncouple Boniefacio and Ponchituti present the new outfits at Dot-Be fashion.
The corrado mens outfit is new in store and contains a texture changer hud for the jacket, scarf and shirt. You can get it as fatpack, with all the 5 different pants included or jacket and black pants and also the different pants are separate available.

The ponchi geometric dress was designed for the topmodel challenge geometric designs and is a exclusive item that is now for sale... and only 20 are available so hurry up and get yours !!

Where can u get your outfit??? --> Dot-be fashion

Big thank you to Kathrin Dassin, photographer for Dot-Be Fashion vendorpics !!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Look of the day ... *X*Plosion, Mr C, Letis Tattoo

*X*Plosion that is exactly what this outfit is standing for. This red from the jacket comes back in the pants. One of my favorit outfits that i did wear for mens fashion week.  The new hair that was released from Mr C is just wow. I did hear a lot of comments on this look and where to get the items, well here you go.

outfit :
pants *X*Plosion*X*Raw Slimfit MEN HellFire
tanktop - *X*Plosion -  *X*plosion X*Cross Tank (White)
jacket - *X*Plosion*X*plosion X*Cross Jacket (Red)
necklace - Dot-be Necklace black EROS
hair - Mr. C - Titoso_Black 
hairbase - Letis Tattoo :: ETH12004 :: Etched Hair Base :: Spiral :: A - 

pose :*PosESioN* Sexy Male Jacket  3

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Look of the day ... Bonetto and Salon de Glow

Who doesn't like to have a free outfit? Well go over at Bonetto and bring all your friends to slap the board and you will have a complete outfit. Go go go ... what are u waiting for ... 
I presented this outfit in mensfashion week, yes gents ... are u the next to be famous?

Outfit - ** Bonetto Style ** Kombact (pants / shirt)
hair - Salon de GLOW <hairpieces> M-02 (Blacks - Ash)