Review policy

First i like to welcome you on my blog.

If you would like to be featured in my blog with your Pay Items or Freebies etc please send them to me in a folder (not as single items, those will get lost in my inventory) named:
           Review Copy from ... (Your Avatar Name + Name of Label or Shop)

Some basic but important information:
- Please include a Notecard with a SLURL/SLURLs to where the item(s) can be found and information on how long it/they will be available, this makes it not only easier for me but makes it also quicker to publish the blog.

- Please understand that I try to blog high quality items (= stuff I would actually wear or buy myself)

- If your store got female and male items that you would like to be blogged, my wife and i will blogg the item.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that every item you send in will be featured in the blog but I will try to blog everything I find interesting if it is available long enough! and its even possible to use different items for different blogs since i mix and match most of the items

I gladly accept review items. Please know that I may/may not use your items, I can't promise that I will, if I do, I may blog some & not others. Blogging is not my main job in SL, I do it in my spare time. I reserve the right to publish what I feel is suitable to my style, mood, feel & if it looks good on my avi. Dont be offended if I dont blog something you sent me.

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