Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Look of the day ... Dot-BE fashion, BLUSH skins, Hoorenbeek, Wasabi Pills, Exile, Flow, Gabriel, Cheerno

I had the chance to walk for the winter fashion show organised by Seasons Magazine and was blessed to not only walk for Dot-Be Fashion but i could also show the new Blush male skins.

Outfit 1 :
suit : Dot-be fashion : Deangelo suit 5 - NEW
shoes : Hoorenbeek - yorkshire shoes black
hair : wasabi pills - orion 

Outfit 2
skin : BLUSH Mick skin Pale - NEW
hair : exile : far behind
shorts : flow boardshort 
shoes : flow alpargata blue

outfit 2
skin : BLUSH Gabriel Skin pale - NEW
hair : CHEERNO max (old design)
shorts :  Dot-be Sweatpants
Shoes : Gabriel -  sneaker black

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Look of the day ... Cluny fashion, dot-be fashion, dozze, gizza, fatewear

I had the chance of modeling these wonderful outfits. Once again different styles !
Outfit : =C.F.S= Mesh outfit street matthieu (+ hud sweater)
sweater + jeans + sneakers
gloves : dot-be gloves for SLink hands
backback : [FYI] Fatstrap Skateboard Backpack 1.0.1
hair : booN GAS760 hair black

Look 2 : WILSON
=C.F.S= Mesh outfit classe wilson (+shoes)
cap :  dot-be beret cap
gloves : Dot-be gloves for SLink hands

Look 3 : BRUCE
=C.F.S= Mesh outfit classe bruce (+shoes)
gloves : dot-be gloves for SLink hands
scarf : DOZZE - Striped Scarf w/HUD (FATPACK)

Look 4 : ETHAN
=C.F.S= Mesh outfit casual ETHAN
(jacket with hud, pants, shoes with hud)
undershirt : gizza sweater outfit
gloves : Dot-be gloves for SLink hands
socks : fate wear sock Ben