Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hollywood the event ... Pekas gown

Oh yes we all think we are in hollywood now these days. With the red carpet rolled out some of the hottest and sexiest models of secondlife present the most fabulous designs on the runway in the hollywood event show. Pekas designs brought you this gown with the champagne colours that totally make your dreams come true. The famous Ponchituti Boucher presents this new release specially made for this event.

Hollywood event ... Pekas & Posesion

•the event•  H O L L Y W O O D
March 30th – April 14th. 
  • The most anticipated  event is coming to SL.
  •  80 Designers, 80 New Releases exclusive to Hollywood & 80 swagbag gifts.
Gizza, Gabriel, Redgrave, NCORE, Rfyre, Egoisme, Violator, Tres beau, HUMANOID, Mohna Lisa,Chop Zuey,BOSL Fashion show- MANY MORE AMAZING Brands!

Outfit : Pekas urban Dyango
Shoes : [ hoorenbeek ] Skate - Black
Hair : Mr.C / Raphael
Pose : Posesion : minimal 6

Friday, March 29, 2013

Supreme Talent challenge 4

The reason that i did choise Ambiorix is not only because he was from Belgium like me but he was also a very clever King of the Eburons and the Atuatucs.  His ferocious resistance to the Romans gained the tribes the nickname of “Belgae” (“warlike”) what became later Belgium.  He never gave up just like me. For this styling i did make some items myself and Dahriel and i made the poses to give honor to Ambiorix. 

More info about ambiorix 

Pants : own made
Helmet adjusted  : Winged helm shine - Nidhogg Torque [Silver] 
Upperarm bracelt - Titan white/silver outfit
chest piece - Polarity Thor
hair and eyebrows : Own made
Facial hair : -dDx- Lars - Celtics (no longer in store) but the Madagascar resembles
weapons :
Gothic Desires: Medieval War Axes
LR Hereinair Sword sheath w belt

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Madrid Solo Make up ...

Makeup for the fantasy in your life ... This new line up designs come in different colours ... orange, passion fruit purple, aqua velva, black mamba, blue suede, golden gate, gothic white, green lantern, pink passion, red ruby ..

Make up - Madrid solo : Madrid Solo -Lip Designs- Line Up BONUS

Look of the day ... Vero Modero

Vero modero is laughing the spring fashion for men. This is one of the outfits that was shown in a fashionshow. Perfect outfit that matches the army camo prints fashion trends for 2013.

Outfit : Vero Modero - Kenan Jacket Set Army
Boots : Yasum -  combat boots
Beret : TonkTastic
Kubric flux - toothpick
Necklace : Phoebe piercing and more - bar codes necklace

The Event .. Hollywood ... with Pekas Design

•the event•  H O L L Y W O O W
 March 30th – April 14th. 
  •    The most anticipated  event is coming to SL.
  •    80 Designers, 80 New Releases exclusive to Hollywood & 80 swagbag gifts.
Gizza, Gabriel, Redgrave, NCORE, Rfyre, Egoisme, Violator, Tres beau, HUMANOID, Mohna Lisa,Chop Zuey,BOSL Fashion show- MANY MORE AMAZING Brands!

Outfit : Pekas Urban Jhonny tux black
More info : link

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New look of the day ... Motivaction and Posesion

i went to look for a place to relax and drive my Mercedes and found this great race track what reminded me of tokio drift. And with the new mesh releases from Motivaction makes it very easy to combine a casual but chic outfit. The~[M] Men's Coat is available in different colours and is easy to combine with the formal pants.

Coat : Motivaction - [M] Men's coat
Pants : Motivaction - [M] Formal Male Pants- Striped White

Pose : Posesion - Walking him 4

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dot-be news + easter egg hunt

Oh yes ... after the show from saturday some new outfits are released ... for the moment just the male outfits, the female outfits will follow in the next days.

The outfits specially created for the SL topmodel competition are now in STORE ...
---> here is  your limo

Not only that ofcourse ... LaVie is holding a easter egg hunt were several shops participate ... and yes Dot-be has got 4 eggbaskets with gifts in so find them all ... 

--> here is your limo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Look of the day ... Yasum Designs

After Yasum sended out the samurai outfit it made me directly think about the movie "The Last Samurai". Azlyn makes her own created meshes and this one is again special. With hud controlerer to change all the pieces in different textures you will be one great samurai.

Outfit : Yasum Designs samurai (hud controled)
-  rice hat
- face mask
- pants
- sandals

bodytattoo : Eternal Darkness-  ::ED:: "Accident Prone" bruised body tattoo UNISEX

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Look of the day ... Hoorenbeek,LaVie

Ideal for business or for a formal occasion. This suit from hoorenbeek gives you what you need. I matched it with the nice damiano skin of LaVie , there new sim looks amazing !!

Hair - atro patena - Yancy Black
Pants/Vests/Open Jacket - Hoorenbeek - [H] Mesh suit black 
shoes - Hoorenbeek - [H] yorkshire shoes - black socks
Skin - LaVieLavie Damiani #9 Goatee III

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Look of the day .... Delirium style, Motivaction, hoorenbeek ...

If you like a casual great look, the new releases from Motivaction and Delirium style bring you what you are looking for. And if you look for great poses, go to posesion store and you will certainly find great poses that can be used for runway, pictures and for you ao. Atro patena is having some hairstyles on sale so hurry and get that hair.

Hair :  Atro patena - dominic black
Pants : D-style - male slim pants plaited 1
vest : Motivaction - [M] Vest with Shirt * FATPACK *
boots : Hoorenbeek - cambridge boots black

Monday, March 18, 2013

Supreme talent Challenge 3....

The third challenge for the supreme talent was ... Cabaret 

The inspiration of my outfit comes straight out the show of Moulin Rouge FĂ©erie, the rl show made such an impression on me after seeing it myself 2 times. I decided to make a combination of style, class and sexiness with the glitter and glamour of Moulin rouge.

If you are looking to buy this outfit how it looks, i need to tell you that you will need some prim editing skills.

Nails - Finesmith -  Finesmith draakje nails
Necklace - Finesmith -  finesmith lulu's melody necklace
eyelashes -  L'Atelier Sad's JewelsDiamond lashes by SAD
Tattoo body - ! [INKS & KINKS]-  Sparkle Bod Red/Blk/Wht Tattoo (Decad)
Make up - Madrid solo - Male design - ozzy
hat : T.Z.Torie's Feather Hat 

pants : champagne sparkling couture -  (C)PURE 
Boots : hoorenbeek - [ hoorenbeek ] Riding Boots - Black
Shoulder pads - champagne sparkling couture - (C)SPECTACULAR (fully modified)
belt : Countdown - countdown - Peter

Look of the day ... BMC, LaVie, Motivaction, posesion

If you are looking for a great sporty look, the new release from BMC is what you are looking for. And the skin from LaVie comes in so many version that you can not resist to have it. The new gloves from Motivation  that come in male and female version and the real beating heart necklace that comes with earrings and a ring, just finesh the look.

Skin : lavie - echo bargain pack pale
piercing : Phoebe piercing and more - nippel piercing unisex (not in new store yet)
necklace : Greg designs-  live heart
pants : BMC -  BMC mesh black athlet jogging pack
gloves : Motivaction - [M] Studded gloves for men & woman

pose : Posesion - walking Him 6

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FFL ... Modelshape

Did you ever want to look like a model? This model shape made by the one and only Ponchituti Boucher is for sale at the FFL event sim. Support a good cause and look good all in one.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Look of the day ... Hoorenbeek, Madesign, LaVie ... FFL 5

Classy, elegant and super cool. If you put all these items together you get one great look. And yes Hoorenbeek is on fashionforlife. Check it out and while you are doing this, check out the new sim from LaVie.

Hair : Madesign Hair - Boston
Pants : Hoorenbeek - Corduroy Beige
Blazer : Hoorenbeek - Tweed Blazer beige
T-shirt : Hoorenbeek - Tee For jackets - V neck black
Shoes : Hoorenbeek - Cambridge boots black
Skin : LaVie - Damiani #7 Goatee

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Look of the day .... Hoorenbeek, LaVie ... FFL 4

Are u ready to take your loved one out? Then this Classic tuxedo with bow tie is something for you. A complete mesh tux shoes incl. For Fashion for life ... visit the sims now, don't wait because its for a good cause.

Outfit : Hoorenbeek -  [ h ] Mesh Outfit - Classic Tuxedo - Formal Version
Skin : Lavie - LaVie Damiani #1 Shaved

Look of the day ... Hoorenbeek, Lavie Skins, FFL 3

Hoorenbeek is bringing some great stuff to Fashion For Life ... one of the designs is these complete mesh outfit called Ralph. Included are the grey mesh pants, the leather belt, the dressed shirt, the sunglasses, the watch and shoes. 
Get ready for that dinner or that day at work in the office.
If you are looking for the skin ... stop by in LaVie.

Outfit - Hoorenbeek[ h ] Mesh Outfit - Ralph
Skin  - LaVie - LaVie Damiani #12 Goatee VI pale
Hair - [Atro Patena] -  [Atro Patena] - Yancy_black

Friday, March 8, 2013

Look of the day ... Gabriel, Lavie and FFL 2

Yes fashion for life is working hard to get those lindens for relay for life. With a fresh New Year started, so begins the 2013 Relay For Life season. Over the years, the Fashion community of Second Life has worked diligently to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and this year, with your help, we plan to take the world by storm.... (more info)

If you are looking for a great look, the new outfit from Gabriel for FFL is a must have in your closed. The skins of Lavie are just wow and so many options. I went for LaVie Damiani Dandy and let me tell you, everyone will stare at you to ask where did you get that look from. The eyeshadow is an addition of my own, but you get get a free guyliner at Lavie store.

Outfit : Gabriel::GB::MESH FFL Double jacket SET(Ivory)
Skin : LaVieLaVie Damiani #19 Dandy [BH] Pale

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Look of the day ... Motivaction, Legal insanity, BMC and FFL 1

The fashion for Life is starting and wetcat is giving some nice poses for the good cause. In the next posts i will go over alot of designers that donate for a good cause. 
This outfit here is great sporty look that you can wear in every casual occasion. 

Vest - Motivaction - ~[M] Open Vest  *F A T P A C K*
Belt - Legal Insanity - Legal Insanity - Slash Belt - love
Bracelet - Phoebe piercing and more - $10L PROMO *P* FiRe Man Bracelet
Necklace - *GreG Designs*  - *GreG Designs* Live Heart (DarkSeries)

Pose - FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 - Wetcat - Maxx 5

Monday, March 4, 2013

New hair styles ...

Oh yes  Mr C is bringing 2 new release for men and 2 for women. This new upcoming brand is rocking the grid already. So guys go and take a look so many new looks and at a good price.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Supreme talent challenge 2

Gods and Godesses ... 
Anubis is the Greek name for the ancient god in Egyptian mythology who looks like a man with the head of a jackal. Jackals are predators that look like dogs and live in Africa.

I chose Anubis because ....he is the legendary god of death, protector of the death people, the power, the mystery and the ancient mythological history that accompanies him and his presence.

Outfit : Diabolica - Narcissa designAnubis avatar &  Ancient hovercraft 

The outfit looks different then the one thats original in the box, because i changed the prims, moved prims, recolored, removed things ...