Thursday, February 21, 2013

Supreme Talent Challenge 1

The supreme talent competition started 19 january with a really great challenge "CYBER". I was one of the models out there and was very exited to start this competition. Nervous ... Scared ... Shaking ... looking around ... Oh wow i like those others styling and then .....O.o did you see those judges? 
This is going to be a hard competition and i will be lucky if i survive this round and go to the next.... 
Le moment suprème .... playing the choreo in my head and hoping and praying lag would not hit.... oh the description i almost forgot ... and then 3 2 1 ... GO

Styling card ....

Earrings - .HoD.  - HOD - Dragon Spiral - adjusted in colours
Fingertape - Envious - Hypnosis finger tape (old hunt item)
Eyes - Coca & Wolf - :: Cracked Metal Eyes ::  :: Silver :: BOX
Septre - :: Hybrid Prod :: Royal Septre Wand
Boots - Neurolab inc.-  [NeurolaB Inc.] Runner Hi-Boots X-2 UNISEX
Hair - A&Y - A&Y Echo Cyber hair - Black
Shoulderpiece - De La soul -  Digital Deamon Shoulder Male V1.5
Horns - De la soul - Digital Deamon - Horns Appolyon
Spine - Hydro-spine male
Make up - Madrid solo - februari group gift male (red) (blogged before)
Body Tattoo - XenoMirror's edge tattoo
Face Make up - Dot-be Make up - made by myself (not in store)
Jacket - Xeno - X-11 Sprawl Jacket 
Kilt - Xeno - X-11 sprawl Kilt 
Forearm - Night Fox - RU  - Cyber Effect forearm

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Look of the day ... Flow, Legal insanity, Mr. C, 22769

Oh yeah let the sunshine come ... Legal insanity just released this great sunglasses and tank tops ideal for a walk along the beach. Camouflage patterns are in and everywhere on the grid so yes why not for the beach. Mr C. Released this unisex hair so go and get it !! While Posesion store made a great set of poses for me for Supreme talent well here you have number 3 out of the series Rumplestilskin.

Necklace - 22769 ~ [homme] Mens Dept. Fabric Necklaces Fatpack (blue/black/brown/green/purple)
Shorts - Flowflow . Boardshorts Arpoador - C1
Sunglasses - Legal Insanity - Gael Sunglasses Silver
Tanktop - Legal Insanity - jerry tank camouflage urban
Hair - Mr CMr. & Miss C. / Lover

pose : Posesion - rumplestilskin 3

Monday, February 18, 2013

Look of the day ... Legal insanity, Latreia, Mr C

I decided to work my frustrations off at a game of basketball. And with my new outfit from Legal insanity, my sneakers of Latreia and this great hair with hairband from Mr C it was just the perfect look for that sport session. While i was playing the sun was in my eyes so i added my sunglasses from Legal Insanity. Oh yes ... and no i didn't won...

outfit :
Jogger - Legal insanity - Liam Joggers pants silver 
Hoodie - Legal insanity - Liam hoodie silver
Shoes : Latreia - Logan Black
Hair : Miss C - Wanted_expresso

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Look of the day .... Flow, Legal Insanity, Phoebe

Oh i can not wait for summer to be back ... Legal insanity brings out this great sunglasses in different colors azure, black, green, orange and purple. So yes you can look great in no matter what outfit you are wearing. I choise to pick flow Boardshorts Arpoador to go surfing, and what choises do you have omg and wow there are not 1 but at least 10 different designs to choise from.  Add some earplugs and this hearts necklace from phoebe piercing and you are ready to go... 

Ear plug - Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Ear Plug ~Black~

Necklace - Phoebe piercing and more - *p* Hearts necklace 
Shorts - Flow - Boardshorts arpoador F1
Sunglasses - Legal Insanity - solo sunglasses Azure

Sunday, February 10, 2013

LOTD ... with Go and Oceane Body Design

We got a new great skin designer inworld. She is already known for her female skins and her make up, but the new skins of Oceane Body Design are just great in all details. And let me tell you if you buy a bundle you not only get the skin with or without chest hair but also a tintable hair base layer, male eyeliner, eyes and also a tan booster. I really liked how the chest and the abs looked so natural. And yes i promise to make a picture of me naked, because yes guys your girl will go crazy on the nice ass. 
I decided to walk around like a real scottish, with the kilt of !Go i came very close to achive it. 

Kilt : !gO! - !gO! Maccloy kilt 
Skin : Oceane Body DesignBUNDLE 1 ~Oceane~ Male skin Devlin Medium
Hair : [Atro Patena] - Scott _Black (not in store yet)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Look of the day ... with BMC and 22769

A walk in the parc, this casual outfit is just perfect for it. The lowrise baggy's from BMC are available in 3 different designs while the double shirt of 22769 is available in Anatomy, the sign Pi and this star at the men's department !!

Double layered shirt - 22769 - 22769 ~ [homme] Mens Dept. Doubletees Fatpack

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine is around the corner ...

Dirty Little secret got new items and don't forget to check there freebie items. For the cold weather there is always this nice sweater in red, the color of love. I combined it with boots from death row designs and the skinny jeans from Dirty Little Secret and well all men out there, there is a new hair store inworld Miss and Mr C. 

Sweater - Dirty little secret - [d.l.s.] ::Valentine Mens Red Turtleneck Sweater :: 
Pants - Dirty Little Secret[d.l.s.] :: Valentine Mens Skinny Jeans  :: BOXED 
Boots - Death row designs - DRD bound and cuffed steel toe  (box) CA 1
Hair : Miss C. - Wanted  ( F&M ) -Non-Rigged Mesh/Black

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look of the day ..

If you are looking for that casual though chic look. Motivaction got just the right mesh outfits for you. These male formal pants are just wow. The moment i tried them on i was addicted to those. I decided to combine them with the short sleeves shirt with vest and yes ... cool, classy and casual though chic. Everything in one. 

Pants : Motivaction - [M] Formal Male Pants- Black
Shirt : Motivaction - [M] Short sleeves shirt w/ vest

Bracelet : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Isis Mesh Bracelets ~12 Stripes~
necklace : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Stupid Love Unisex Necklace - TSCH Gift

 <<<  THE STUPID CUPID HUNT  >>>      $0L     (unisex)
        February 1 - February 15