Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New look ... for valentine ..

Finesmith brings out some new releases aswell as Madrid solo that has a great february gift coming for you all. And for those men that didn't knew it yet ... yes there is a new hair brand out and just take a look at what i bring you today. 

earrings : Finesmith - edina earrings yellowgold  (comes with bracelet - earrings - necklace and ring)
hair : Miss C/Mr C - MR C/Jack - Nong-Rigged Mesh_black 
Make up - Madrid Solo - February gift - Broken hearts club

Dot-be fashion moved -- Limited sales items

Yes Dot-be fashion has moved ... after 8 months almost at the same place i decided to move the shop to a different sim. Well you know how it all goes ... its crisis not only in rl but also in sl.

Now where can u find us? Dot-be fashion

We still have 2 hunts going on in the store.... pimp my valentine hunt and the winter blue's hunt ... and there are new on limited sale items in store ... Just a few images for like the price 50L-75L you can get these in your inventory ..... Yes all mesh ...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ds Tam

Delirium Style Tam.. on top of "la tour eiffel" i was on the look out for my dream prince or princes ... 

outfit : Delirium Style - Ds Tam (pasties not incl)

DStyle Fame

Pretty in pink ! Remember remember ... baby look at me ... at tell me what you see ..

Outfit : Delirium Style - DS Fame

New in delirium style

Delirium style brings you Urban style... This outfit comes complete with sneakers, sweat pants, sweater, chin piercing, sigaret and beanie.

Outfit : Delirium Style - Ds Dany

Friday, January 25, 2013

New look of the day ...

While i was shopping on 55L friday for nice hair and facial hair i went to Motivaction and found this great pants and shirt. The skinny pants are available in different colours i choise this time for the white version and combined it with rolled sleeves male shirt KOTH PURPLE.

[Motivaction] - [M] Rolled sleeves male shirt - [M] Male Skinny Pants

55Linden friday ..

Yes its friday again and you can get some great deals at the 55L friday. Yes that means everything is priced 55L from hair to clothing. Hurry up today its the day !!

Hair - [Atro Patena] - Cleon_Black
Facial Hair - ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair - 3ED - 8

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yay i so love this look ..

A new mesh store is born ... Motivaction... for him and her. But look at this look. The skinny pants and the slim jacket are just perfectly made for eachother. Put hair from argrace on, some black leather gloves and a little scarf and there you go one great look. The skinny pants are available in different colours and textures also the slim jacket. I just decided to combine the two of them to give me that classy look while exploring PARIS 1900.

Outfit : Motivaction - skinny pants cool plaid and slim jacket bone

Finesmith ...

We all know that Yula makes some wonderfull designs. And this one can be worn by male and female. Its available in different colours but i decided that this colour would fit me better.... hope yall agree.

Jewelset - Finesmith - grapa mapel (necklace, bracelet, earrings)

Amacci New hair ...

Amacci brings out 2 new great hair for men. One of them is Leon and is available in different colours so you will find the colour you want for sure. I choise to wear Black Coal. 

HairAmacci hair - leon - black coal

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New at Dirty little secret

Dirty Little secret brings sometimes great new designs. And this mens peacock shirt is one of them and will be in store today for 100L !!

[dirty.little.secret] ::  SSW mens peacock shirt :: - 100L 

Just do it ...

Just do it ... reminds me of nike. If you see this outfit you get drawn to the lingerie that you, well have to wear unless you want to run around naked.  This outfit comes with a plan jeans or a jeans with stars on it, nails, a belt, necklace, a bra, gloves and panties and ofcourse a mesh top... Yes ladies, just do it !!! (shoes not included)

Outfit : Delirium style - DS Just do it 

Madrid solo - raven series

Yes ... Madrid Solo brings you the make-up you all been waiting for. Every skin colour can work with the designs and this raven series is just wow...

Make up - Madrid Solo - Raven's Love - Male eyes only

22769 ...

22769 always participates at the mens department and today they have something great in there. Take a look at this mesh hoodie ... available in other colours aswell you can not go wrong and let me tell you, the hoodie almost fits every pants there is. So what you waiting for ....the mesh headphones are also available in different textures.

22769 ~ [homme] Mens Dept Cozy Hoodie Fatpack 
22769 ~ [homme] Headphones Banzai (mouth)

Delirium Style Romantique ...

Romantique ... just how the title of the outfit says ... romance. This sexy outfit of Delirium with this cropped tank just accents your female curfs, you have the choise of wearing the 68 or the Almost naughty version. Showing off your belly ... and your long legs, this outfit just makes head turning when you are walking around or go clubbing...

Delirium Style Retro ...

Like you all know i am a blogger for Delirium Style. My friend Eowynnn  is a model there and will start to blog some female items.... so any designers that would like to give her female items to blog ... feel free to contact her inworld.

Now i will give it over to Eowynnn...

Today i will show you the new outfit of DS called Dezi Retro. Retro design is in !! Its cool and wonderfull. If you are looking for a complete outfit ... here it is. Boots can be worn in brown or tanned colour and you can wear the stockings with it or not. 

Outfit : Delirium Style - Dezi RETRO

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Delirium style outfits

Delirium style brings out new outfits ... this time its Vino and Gui... and yes omg i look different. Yes i went for a dark look ... if you would ask me where did you get that skin i have to disappoint you ... the creator didn't wanted to be mentioned ... but i can tell you doesn't it look good. And on these new outfits from Delirium style they just look perfect.

Some might think now, omg Boniefacio are u going to stay like this forever?? Well im a model and a model does change, but to answer the question... no im not going to stay like this forever but i will be wearing this skin if designers ask me to. In the world of sl there are not many  "black" models so to speak. And i think we should let the SL world know that there is room for models with darker or different skin colors. My profile picture is also going to be added on my resume page... 

If you want to create this look ... Delirium style got the outfits for you ... go and get them ... the skin ... is a mystery ...

Outfit : Delirium style - DS Vino : Sweatpants (comes with : sweatpants - ear plugs, loose shirt)
shoes : Latreia Toca Sneaks Black (in store soon)

Outfit : Delirium StyleDS GUI : mesh hoodie - beanie - chin plug - jeans - neck leash - necklace - nose pluggs - sneaker

New at Madrid solo ..

Madrid brings out some great fantasy make-up. This one is called Cleo 2 and like you can see guys ... make yourself different !!

Madrid Solo : Eye makeup Cleo 2

Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogger's Chain - Ski&Snow

So i did hear about the Blogger's Chain - Ski&Snow (read here) and thought hell yeah why not try it out. And so i did. I restyled the new rfyre outfit i blogged a few days ago (see here) and came up with this new styling.
 I added
- Dot-be hat luigi
- Dot-be neckchief luigi
- Sweater from delirium style outfit Xendtech
- glasses To be unique - dean club set
- utopia leon gloves
and ofcourse i added some snow boots and a snowboard to fit the theme.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vero Modero hunts ...

Happy new year .... Vero modero is joining some hunts again, so yeah get your searching tools out and grab those gifts ....

1) thugs stud and gentleman hunt
dates Jan 7th-28th
hint hint even though i am a big guy wearing black stripes i am not in prison

2)Winter blues Hunt
dates Jan 5th-31st
theme winter something blue,unisex
hint sometimes i look blue,others i am so clear,but the fact is that i never stop running 

--> Vero Modero

Friday, January 4, 2013

Just wow !

What a way to present some fine outfits and jewelry... i did people say wow, did people say ... nothing because they were speechless. I can only say I LOVE THIS !!



pants - top - leg bow - crotch - Countdown - Countdown.Hunter
shoes - Faster pussycat - Neo Baby Geisha boot black

New skin, shape and outfit ...

If you are looking for nice fantasy clothing and nice skins? Well this is the place to be !!  Just take a look at the new silk outfit titan . This is a very complete outfit, shoulder armor, axe on spine and one for the hand, bracelets at the wrists, ankles, necklace, helmet, earrings ... if you are looking to be a fierce warrior this outfit will do it all !!


Who in sl doesn't want to look great !! Blackout skin and shapes brings you alot of variations and possibilities. If you are looking for that perfect look ... don't wait anylonger


Ohh its a small world ...'s a world of laughter, a world or tears, its a world of hopes, its a world of fear, theres so much that we share, that its time we're aware, its a small world after all, its a small world after all .... ( listen here ) These outfits we did wear for a fashionshow and i must say its great !! If you are looking to have fun, these hamsters are just the thing.

Ryfre new mesh outfits ...

Rfyre brings some new great mesh outfits. The new trench coat series are just an eye catcher. I did choise for the indigo version. But for those who like to go for a standard color that is also available. I combined the coat with the new mesh leather pants that come in 3 colours and a black shirt that has 2 sleeve lenghts. Make yourself stand out ...